Why Vanity Metrics Don’t Matter

When clicking through my Facebook insights the other day, I was blown away by one particular post, featuring everyone’s favorite emoji: the poop symbol.


I first did what most people do when gauging the success of their Facebook posts — I looked to the likes and comments. And I was left with a resounding “meh.”


But when I clicked through to my insights and saw what the reach of the post was, I saw a completely different story.


The importance of looking past the likes is something most of us know, but we don’t always know…if you know what I mean.


So I recorded a short-n-sweet video to remind you why you need to look way, way past the likes if you want to get a real feel of your brand exposure on social.



So tell me, have you ever had an experience like this, where the likes tell a very different story than the reach?
What do you look to to determine how successful your posts are?
And how blown was your mind when you saw that the poop emoji is the same as the ice cream?!!


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