The ONE Critical Factor Ideal Client Exercises are Missing

The 1 Critical Factor Ideal Client Exercises Are Missing

When it comes to writing compelling copy, the first thing most experts recommend is completing an ideal client avatar exercise.

You know the one — where you get really clear about your ideal client’s job, gender, income, family makeup, what they want, what they struggle with, what their favorite Backstreet Boys album is…

Okay, maybe not quite THAT specific.

But you get really, really detailed.

Despite that crazy level of detail, there’s one thing that ideal client exercises DON’T tell you…

Spoiler alert: it’s where your ideal client is on their journey.

Have they stumbled across your website for the first time?

Have they read a couple of your blog posts?

Have they been religiously following you for years?

In the video above, I’ll tell you exactly which stage you should write to, to have maximum impact with your copy.

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Who do you typically write to with your copy?

Newbies? Oldies? Somewhere-in-betweenies?

Do you want to write to the people who have been your loyal fans for years? Share a comment and let’s explore how you could do that!

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