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I’m interested in buying from you.

I went out of my way to track you down because you could be exactly what I’m looking for.

Why don’t you tell me some more about you and your biz?

Though, fair warning: I have a super short attention span.

If I don’t jive with what you’re saying after a few seconds, I’m gonna dip out.

Not tryna be rude.

Just being honest! I know what I like and I don’t want to waste my time.

There are so many other people I could be talking to (and so many episodes of Fixer Upper I could be watching) instead.

But, sheesh. Look at me — I’m rambling.

Please, go ahead.

…What. The f. Would you say?

THIS, my friend, is what happens every time a visitor comes to your website.

Here’s the reality:

There’s one reason people are on your website.
They want to learn more about your business.

Marketing is mainly about going out into the world.

Dangling your bait in the streams where your ideal customers swim. Tempting them to shimmy on over to your pond.

And your website? That’s your pond.

It’s where those interested little fishies go to take the next step.

This is the opportunity salespeople dream about. Their dreams have dreams about opportunities like this.

Selling to an audience of interested leads — people who’ve already put their hands up and said “sounds good, gimme more”is like shooting fish in a barrel.

But just like rocking a rhyme that’s right on time, it’s tricky.

Even though they’re interested, website visitors aren’t committed yet.
If you don’t wow readers, if your copy’s just meh, they’re likely to click away and never come back.

Effective website copy lovingly and strategically lures those little fishies towards your end goal.

Your web copy reaches potential customers at the exact moment they’re ready for you.

It speaks to infinity readers without costing any more than speaking to one.

And great copy will continue to connect with your audience for years.

Can you think of another investment that you can use again and again, to talk to an unlimited number of people?

There’s simply nothing with the opportunity, reach, and longevity of great website copy.

So. Back to my original question:

What do you say to that interested little fishy who’s wiggled her way over to your website?
If your answer ranges from “I’m not quite sure” to “I have no freakin’ clue!” I can help.

I’ve been writing web copy since 2010.

I specialize in creating authentic voices that speak to real people.

I use my mystical copywriting tricks to get those real people to not just keep scrolling, but take action.

And then I take it a step further…

After writing web copy that compels visitors to join your list, I’ll create a set of nurture emails to warm them up even more.

Readers will get to know you through your website copy.

They’ll start to like you through the value-driven emails in their inboxes.

And they’ll trust you thanks to the consistency of your communication.

The combination of website copy + nurture emails
transforms casual website visitors
into captivated audience members
into customers.

Your web + nurture copy package includes:

  • One kickoff call to learn all the news that’s fit to print about you, your brand + your message
  • Copy for the 3 most-visited web pages (home, about, and work with me) PLUS 1 more page of your choosing
  • One nurture strategy session where we’ll map out your one-of-a-kind nurture sequence
  • Copy for 7 emails that make new email subscribers know, like, and trust you
  • Two rounds of revisions to make sure your voice is pitch perfect
  • INVESTMENT: $5,000

Want to learn more? Let's chat!

Let’s make your audience
feel comfy cozy
with you + your message.

Since Whitney helped me rewrite my copy – my calendar is literally full.

The language is so clear that my prospective clients are able to self-select.

I love how professional her writing sounds, yet it still maintains my voice.

Tish Times

Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Whitney’s writing is mind-blowing and since working with her, I’ve doubled my email list.

I love her style and how she makes my thoughts sound so good! It is funny, very personable, and I have to say oh-so-cool.

Csilla Muscan

Singer/Songwriter + Speaker

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