Whitney has the “magic” that makes emails engaging and fun to read.

The copy she created genuinely reflects the brand voice while adding a friendly, relevant, relatable touch without formulas or inauthenticity. I was impressed by the thoughtfulness and fresh ideas she put into the content and content strategy, taking the bigger picture goals into consideration in all that she wrote.

If you’re looking for a copywriter who has a strong handle on marketing strategy AND who writes copy that sounds completely natural AND who brings a bright ray of sunshine to the team, Whit’s the ONE.

Jenny Shih

Whitney is so much more than a copywriter. She’s like 3 people in 1.

As a writer myself I wasn’t sure of using a copywriter at all. I thought, “couldn’t I do this myself?” What I realized is that Whitney is so much more than a copywriter. She’s very business savvy and really gets launches.

She helps you go from a zillion jumbled ideas in your overactive mind to a clear concise plan and perfectly planned copy (and a launch calendar to boot)! She’s like 3 people in 1.

Whitney really listens and is intuitive. She gets you. She recreates your voice with ease. And her writing is quirky and funny and SO fun to read.

Working with Whitney, I feel so relaxed. Like I have a real business partner who cares about me and helps my business. I already feel it elevating my business to the next level – PRO.

I highly recommend working with Whitney. She’s 100% worth the investment. We just finished our first launch project together and I’ve already signed on for a second!

Susie Moore, Life Coach + Startup Specialist

Hit more than double my sales goal!

With Whitney’s launch copy. we brought in six figures for our first-ever launch of this program, which was more than double my sales goal. We actually made 3 sales from the pre-launch blogs alone, from people emailing me asking how we could work together! We also had a nearly 50% show-up rate for our webinar, which I was really pleased with.

I enormously value what Whitney (over)delivered. I was blown away by the depth of detail in the copy, she clearly put in such an extraordinary amount of work.

I also love the fact that Whitney made my launch copy feel like a conversation with my audience. It was very friendly and never salesy, despite being very effective. And her process was very, very simple to follow. She made my life so easy!

Andrew Roberts

I had high expectations for this project and Whitney surpassed them.

I absolutely LOVE her process. Now that I’m looking at the finished sales page, I can see how all the work we did at the start of the project helped her write with my voice and personality, to my tribe.

Whitney worked her magic to create a powerful sales page for my new program that I can’t wait to share! I know so many people who would benefit from working with Whitney, but I want to keep her all to myself!

Kim Garst

There’s a purpose behind everything in Whitney’s writing

We wanted a copywriter we could outsource ‘us’ to…but who could do it much better. 😉

A BIG plus is Whitney’s psych background, which is a huge differentiator many copywriters just can’t compete with. There’s a purpose behind everything in her writing and smart reasons for laying out the copy the way she does.

Whitney’s depth of research and work upfront to capture our voice was amazing. She definitely nailed our vibe and style and I don’t think our audience would ever know it was written by someone else.

Working with Whit is casual (we could definitely grab a beer together) but very deadline- & outcome- driven at the same time. It’s clear where we’re at at every stage, what’s required from us, and what’s next, which left me with a lot of confidence.

Bottom line: Whitney’s awesome to work with! Jump on just one call with her and you’ll know she’s the real deal.

Justin Brown

I tripled the sign ups for this retreat!

Whitney’s professionalism, organization, personableness and pure talent as a writer eliminated any doubts I had about hiring a copywriter. I was so impressed at how quickly she found “my voice” in the copy.

The launch copy she created for my retreat was authentically me and tripled the sign ups for this retreat compared to last year!

I have worked with other talented copywriters but felt like I was jumping through their hoops and keeping track of where we were in the process was chaotic. Whitney is very organized and made the process so easy.

The copy was outstanding, she met all deadlines, and was personal and professional all at the same time. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC

Since Whitney helped me rewrite my copy – my calendar is literally full.

The language is so clear that my prospective clients are able to self-select.

Before we started, I was concerned about my copy not sounding like me. But Whitney invested so much time in understanding me. The questions Whitney asked led her to capture my personality so well in her writing.

I love how professional her writing sounds, yet it still maintains my voice.

Tish Times

These blogs helped enormously with our SEO, our social media, and our traffic overall!

I sound like my mother when I say this…but it has been an absolute pleasure working with Whitney. I love reading her pieces when they come in and her writing is entertaining and detailed.

The blogs have helped enormously with our SEO, our social media, and our traffic overall. Thanks to consistent blog content, we’re now on the first page of Google for 3 of our target keywords. We’ve also seen sales from the blogs, which has obviously been awesome!

On top of that, Whitney found every which way to make sure our process is seamless. She’s upbeat, incredibly organized and precise, and constantly looking for ways we can improve and grow our content. Her organization helped move us along quickly and I’ve learned a ton and a half through working with her.

Alison Diamond

Working with Whitney was a seamless process

Since we have a unique business, we needed a copywriter who really “got it” and would understand what we were doing. Whitney quickly understood our goals, our voice, and what we were wanting and helped us get more consistent content on our blog.

Plus, she was great about making the most use of our time during calls…which was helpful since we have very heavy travel seasons. It was a seamless process.

Mitch Matthews

Whitney was able to understand my vision and give it not just voice, but life.

I started working with Whitney because I was spinning my wheels when it came to content and marketing. I knew what I wanted to say, but it just wasn’t sounding like me.

She was able to understand my vision and give it not just voice, but life.

She has such a keen way of knowing exactly what I want to say.

Whitney is a delightful blend of wit and wisdom. Her smart, insightful ability to create campaigns that speak to my client and meet them where they are at is invaluable.

Julie Smith, LMFT

Whitney makes it really easy to work with her.

Whitney came recommended to me, so I admit I didn’t have many doubts going into our email nurture sequence project.

The thing I like most about Whitney’s service is her professionalism. She makes it really easy to work with her by letting me know exactly what she needs from me and keeps me in the loop.

But the professionalism doesn’t make it cold, it feels like a personal experience working with Whitney.

Her writing reads well and the casual writing style of her emails is great for what I need.

Warren Swanston

Visie Properties

Since working with Whitney, I’ve doubled my email list.

Three things to know about working with Whitney: you’ll get more than expected. She’ll do an excellent job. And all around she is just a remarkable human being.

I’m not very good at writing and it was causing a lot of anxiety for me to try and come up with original copy. Hiring Whitney gave me more freedom and time to spend on the things I love and that I’m actually good at.

Whitney’s writing is mind-blowing and since working with her, I’ve doubled my email list.

I love her style and how she makes my thoughts sound so good! It is funny, very personable, and I have to say oh-so-cool.

Outside of the work itself, Whitney is very much on top of things and she’s always good at getting back to me.

Plus she’s just plain fun. I’d love to hang out with her. (No, really.) She’s so easy to talk to and makes me feel like I’ve known her forever.

Csilla Muscan

Working with Whitney has been an absolute joy!

The level of professionalism she brings to the table is unbelievable. Launching something for the first time (and probably each time) is incredibly daunting and stressful. Whitney organized all the important copy pieces I needed to have prepared for the launch in an easy-to-read launch calendar. This became my beloved guide throughout the whole launch, making everything seem more manageable.

Because Whitney is such a great communicator, I knew exactly what to expect from her each step of the way.

AND when I wanted something changed, her ability to hear my feedback was wonderful! It was like she welcomed my feedback with open arms, and as a result produced copy that really reflected my brand accurately! I can’t thank you enough, Whitney!

Tysan Lerner

No matter the task, Whitney always over-delivers. Every. Single. Time.

Amazing. Brilliant. A breath of fresh air.

These words are just a few that come to mind when I think about Whitney.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on several projects. Her work ethic and phenomenal writing skills have always impressed my clients.

No matter the task, Whitney always over-delivers. Every. Single. Time.

I consider it a great privilege and honor to know her. I highly recommend her services.

Lavada Thompson

Whitney was thorough, very sweet and professional.

Whitney came recommended to me by my coach so I didn’t have any doubts or hesitations.

She was great to work with, was thorough, and was very sweet and professional.

I really liked that Whitney prepared me to know what to expect ahead of time, which made the process easy. And we ended up with a great end product.

Gabrielle Luoma


Whitney’s the best writer/content developer I’ve worked with.

If every freelancer was as smart, strategic and thorough as Whitney is, we’d never hire another employee.

She always impresses me with the thought and time she puts into each project, yet she always manages to come in on deadline.

Mary Lorson

Steinman Communications

Whitney will help you shine at the work YOU do.

Whitney brought my vision to life through her words, in a way that felt effortless for me.

The process allowed me to be more expressive and less stressed with detail — it was great to work with an expert to take the pressure off. She listened intently to my story and just knew what to highlight, add, take away, and refine to create a transferable story around my inner thoughts.

The collaborative process in writing my copy was fun and enjoyable, I always looked forward to our calls.

She brought her expertise and caring to the project with a talent for construction that I would not have been able to come up with on my own.

Whitney cares about the work she does. She’s very good at the work she does. And she’ll help you shine at the work YOU do.

Kelly Canzone, LCSW

Tri-County Behavioral Care

Whitney applies her wordsmith fairy dust to deliver well-written, relatable content.

Working with Whitney has been a tremendously wonderful experience. I’ve worked with her on only four projects, yet I feel a great sense of sheer synergetic collaboration.

I love that I have the confidence and reassurance that Whitney will apply her wordsmith fairy dust and deliver well-written content that is relatable, fun and clear.

Carnellia Ajasin

Whitney captured my essence.

I hired Whitney to write the copy for a program launch. What I got from her was unbelievable.

She interviewed me, she took notes, and the copy I got back was better than I could have ever written.

Whitney captured my essence. So many people loved the stories “I wrote”.

It was the best launch I have done, and she saved me an incredible amount of time and stress.

She walked me through exactly what I needed to do, which wasn’t much. I had plenty of time to develop the content for not only the pre-launch webinar, but for the program itself.

Everything went so smoothly, that I never see a need to write copy again – I will hire Whitney.

Jean Kuhn

Totally on target, on budget, and on time.

As a project manager I truly value the team members who I can hand a project off to and know that it is going to come back totally on target, on budget, and on time.

Whitney was an integral part of our team!

Kelly LeMay

Elite Digital Group

My #1 person to work with when creating new content

Ever since working with Whitney she has been my #1 person on my list of people to work with when creating new content or products.

She asks the right questions and knows exactly how to put it all in words.

Athenée Mastrangelo

We finished launch day as an Amazon #1 bestseller!

Having Whitney write the promo copy for my recent book launch was worth every penny.

She took the task of writing launch emails and social media posts off my plate so I could focus on the big picture.

The copy sounded just like me and made people excited to buy the book. Whitney met every deadline and made the process stress-free.

And the icing on the cake: we finished launch day as an Amazon #1 bestseller in two categories!

Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC

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