How to Use Your Blog to Supercharge the Know-Like-Trust Process

We all know that in order for somebody to buy from you online, they need to achieve the magic triad:

  • Know you
  • Like you
  • Trust you

What if I told you that you could start using your blog posts like a tool to supercharge that process, to speed up the time between when readers are just getting to know you and when they trust you enough to buy from you?

Well, you can…and the solution starts in a very unsexy way: by getting organized with your blog posts.


Let’s just right to the good part, shall we?

That sneaky little strategy? It’s called interlinking.

Also known as “deep linking”, this is when you link within your website. You link different words or buttons within your blog post to other posts or pages of your website.

Interlinking makes it really easy for people to stay on your website, to absorb more of your content and to learn more about you. That helps them speed up the process and get from knowing to trusting more quickly.

Linking to more of your content makes your website really sticky — people won’t just X out and bounce off your website. They’ll click through to learn more about this thing. Or, ooh, they’ll click to check out more about that. Interlinking makes it really easy for them to learn more about topics they’re interested in.

How to organize your blog posts to make interlinking a snap

I write a lot of blog posts, for myself and my clients. (Using a blog post checklist helps me keep my head on straight and make sure I include everything I need in each post.)

I needed an easy way to organize those blog posts so a) I could find the most relevant posts to interlink and b) my clients could find whatever posts they needed.

So I created a tool that I fondly call the blogssary.

It’s like a glossary for your blog. Technically, it’s more of an index…but “blogdex” doesn’t have the same ring to it. And #creativeliberties.

The engine that makes this whole thing GO is that the blogssary is a searchable document. You don’t have to remember when a post was shared or scroll through pages and pages of information. You can search the blogssary for keywords to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

I also include a secret column that’s just for you to add in any keywords you want. In this blog post where I include a lot of Bruno Mars gifs, for example, I have “Bruno Mars” and “24 karat magic” in the Keyword column of my blogssary.

Down the road, I might be writing a blog post and I could be like, “You know what? This would link really well with … What was that blog post where I have all the Bruno Mars gifs?” All I’d have to do is open my blogssary and search for “Bruno Mars” and immediately be led to the right blog post. That’s the secret (24 karat) magic of the blogssary.


How to use your blogssary to make your blog posts sticky

Super simple!

While you’re creating a new blog post, have your blogssary open in another tab. (It’s a Google Sheet so it’s easy to access anywhere.)

As you’re writing and think of a great place to add an interlink, hop over to the blogssary and copy the link — then add it in right then and there. (No time like the present, right?)

When you’re finished editing your blog post, take an extra couple minutes to do a final interlink check. Search your blogssary for keywords that relate to the new blog post. For this blog post, I searched my blogssary for things like “blogging”, “organization”, and “bounce rate” to see if I have any content I’ve forgotten about that would be useful to include!

I also recommend including a “related posts” section at the end of your blog post where you link to related content. Give your blogssary a quick scan to find three posts that would be a perfect next step for people after reading your current blog.

(Check out this blog post for more ideas on how to use your blogssary for things like social media marketing or repurposing your content.)

As an alternative, you could outsource the interlinking task to your VA. Before hitting “publish”, have him/her read over your post and use the blogssary to add in relevant interlinks.

There you go — interlinks made simple. 🙂

Need help setting up your blogssary? Read on, friend.

The precursor to using your blogssary is, of course, getting it all set up.

If you realistically don’t have time to do this yourself, I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Hand your blog organizing over to me. I’ll read through your blog (up to 50 posts) and input the details into your very own blogssary, including:

  • Date published
  • Post name
  • Post url
  • Blog category(ies)
  • Blog tag(s)
  • Secret keywords hidden inside the posts

The blogssary is yours forever and ever more, to make interlinking, social sharing, and straight-up finding your blog posts easy as pie. (Plus, it makes you feel like an organizational goddess, which is worth its weight in gold.)

I’m only offering this service until 10/31/17, so if you need help organizing your blog posts, don’t wait! It’s only $500 but the offer goes POOF when November hits.

Click here to send me an email if you’re ready to organize your blog posts.

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