4 Ways to Keep Your Audience Glued to Your Message



Video marketing is a huge opportunity for a small business and is something I recommend to many of my clients to expand their online presence. I’ve dabbled with it since starting my business but haven’t really gone all the way and done what I was really afraid to do – show my face and make a ‘talking head’ video.


So today, I did it. I made the kind of video that I’ve been scared to make. The video’s totally imperfect, there are jingling dog tags in the background and I make some less-than-fetch faces, but so is life. If I were my client, I would have made me record, edit, and post that bad boy whether I wanted to or not, because I had something interesting to say and video was the best way to share it.


The topic of the video is, as always, content marketing. But it talks about the content marketing lessons I learned…from a stand-up comedian. My bf and I went to see Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance tour this weekend and I found myself paying attention to his behavior and methods for connecting with the audience. So much of his strategy can be applied to content marketing, and I wanted to talk about that with you today.


Without further ado:


Now that I’ve faced my fear and put this awkward baby out there into the world, I want to hear from you – which of the four lessons do you think makes the most sense for your business? Or, which do you personally struggle with the most? (For me, that’s normally #3.) For your comedy-lovers, are there any lessons I missed?  

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