The Simple About Page Formula (So You Can Write the Dang Thing Already!)

Before I give away the simple About page formula, let’s address the elephant in the room:

If you’ve been in this online business world a while, you know there are a lot of…how should I say this gently…​fibbers​? up in here.

Anybody can call themselves an expert or slap a “guru” label onto their chests. ​

And we’re wise to that, you and me. We’re savvy.

That’s why pretty much as soon as we connect with someone, we clickity click on over to the About page on their website, so we can suss out the truth for ourselves. ​

Thing is, your audience is savvy, too.

…Which is why, according to Hubspot, the About page is the #2 most-visited page on the average website.​

And you can bet that most people you meet in a business capacity will, at some point, click over to your About page to see if you’re the real deal.

IMPT QUESTION: Is your current About page convincing them that you are? (The real deal, that is.)

If not, no sweat, my pet. Because an effective About page is pretty dang simple to create.

It actually only needs 4 clear sections. And I’m walking you through my simple About page formula (along with tips to not just *think* about writing it but DO it) on my friend Csilla’s podcast today.

…Which I’ll share in just a sec.

But first, I wanna drop a little disclaimer that this will probably sound different than the typical About page logic you’ve heard before.

Almost every copywriter or marketing coach says the same thing about About pages: “Don’t make it about YOU, make it about your THEM (your reader)!”

Yeah. I don’t agree.

Yes, you want the reader to see themselves in the copy and feel understood. But it’s GOT to be about you, dude…that’s the whole point of the About page!

The key is doing it the right way, to make the reader interested and engaged ​first…so that they WANT to read your story.

It’s easier than you think, promise.

So without further ado, here’s a link to the podcast to learn the doable and simple About page formula (even if you’ve felt stuck writing it before):

Or, you can click here to listen on iTunes.

Csilla and I are buds so we spend a lot of time chatting like we’re grabbing lattes at our favorite Nashville coffee joint. (Frothy Monkey, how I love you.)

I personally LOVE listening to those kind of personal convos on podcasts…but if you want to jump straight to the hard-hitting copywriting goodness, here’s a breakdown of our podcast episode:

21:41: The first thing I recommend you do before writing ANY piece of copy (but especially the About page)

23:38: A super interesting psychology study that sheds light on how humans make decisions…and how to leverage that tendency in your About page

24:38: The 2 elements that every piece of persuasive copy needs to “work”

27:42: The simple About page formula!

32:50: The dangerous MISinformation that’s floating around the interwebs about your About page

36:32: My favorite writing tip of all time to help you get out of your head and start writing, already!

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