3 Tips for Setting Boundaries in Your Business

Setting boundaries in your business.

We know we could do it. We know we should do it. But it’s not an easy thing to do.

Especially when you’re a people pleaser or you just really like to make your clients and customers happy…and nothing makes someone happy like hearing a “yes”.

I heard a story the other day about Dr. Dre’s right-hand business brother Jimmy Iovine that made me see red, all because of business boundaries.

Jimmy got the break that set the entire trajectory for his music career thanks to one decision…a decision that goes against everything I believe about work/life balance.

And I wasn’t okay with it. I’ll let rant-y Whitney take it from here to explain…

I actively choose to opt out of the work-work-work culture. I can’t stand the standard in corporate culture that says being committed to your work means sacrificing your personal life.

My cure for this? Business boundaries, baby.


If You Have Trouble Setting Boundaries in Your Business, Here’s 3 things to try:


1. Setting time boundaries

When I started my biz, I worked all hours of the day and night. That was kind of the thrill of it, right? That you could work whenever you wanted?

When the novelty wore off and I wanted clearer boundaries between work and life, I decided to:
– never work on Sundays
– stop working at 8pm, no matter what

Having those solid lines helps me turn off my work brain and make sure I have time to enjoy life.


2. Sticking to project boundaries

When a client asks if you could “just add this one little thing?” it’s so easy to say “sure!” But it can get out of hand…especially if you’re prone to over-delivering.

To help me say “no” to requests like this in a way that feels firm but still kind and warm, I created a special script that I can customize. That takes the sting out of saying “no” and the anxiety that comes along with it. I just copy, paste, customize, and feel good about sticking to the project agreements we agreed to when we started.


3. Incorporating “reachability” boundaries

This is a little thing that feels like such a big thing!

I use Google Voice for all my work calls. It allows me to have a separate business phone number that forwards to my cell phone. That way, clients, collaborators, everybody related to work calls me on one line…and personal friends and family call on the other.

That little bit of separation really makes a big difference.

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What are your thoughts on the whole work/life balance issue? Is it an either-or issue? Or can we have both?

What boundaries do you set in your business to help put some edges on work?

Did you watch The Defiant Ones? Were you inspired to start hustling harder…or feel the need to pull back, like I did?

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