Easy Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

As a budding minimalist, I’ve become obsessed with repurposing lately.

Finding creative new uses for old items is basically my favorite pastime.

Empty cardboard box? You’re now a storage tub for out-of-season clothes.

Dried out coffee beans? More like yummy-scented filler for my candle holder.

Blog content? I’ma make you into a checklist. Social media graphic. Email series. Webinar. E-book.

Oh yes, friend. It’s possible. And we’re going there.

Turkey slicing is a gen-i-us concept that makes each blog post count for much, much more.

It challenges creators to repurpose blog content in as many ways as possible.

Because let’s be honest. Not every subscriber reads every blog post.

I know. It stings. But it’s true.

You’re sharing so much goodness in your blog posts, but there’s a big hunk of your audience that isn’t even seeing them.

That’s where turkey slicing comes in.

Instead of having a one-and-done post, take your content and slice and dice it into many different forms.

With just a little extra effort, you can share your content in different ways, on different social networks, to connect with different audiences.

It’s like creating content once and eating turkey sandwiches for days.

Let me explain…

The Highlight Reel


1. Pull out tips to share on Twitter

Pull out bite-size tips from your blog post and schedule them to share on Twitter.

2. Turn your post into a video training

Talk through your blog post in a video to show your personality and take advantage of Youtube’s awesome search engine.

3. Create a mini course

Take 5 blog posts around a central topic and turn them into a free mini course that people can opt-in for.

4. Make an infographic

See if you can make your content appeal to visual learners by creating a great graphic with it. Canva has a bunch of free infographic templates to make designing easy, even if you’re a design novice!


5. Use it as a chapter of an e-book

You can create an e-book to sell for profit or give away as an opt-in freebie pulling together your best blog posts.

6. Make an audio recording or podcast episode

Some people prefer to listen rather than read — make it easy for them!

7. Create value-based posts to share in Facebook groups

Condense your content into a 2-3 paragraph Facebook post to share meaty value in Facebook groups where your ideal customer hangs out.

8. Link to it in your welcome email

A welcome email is the one people receive right when they sign up to your list. It’s always great to include a few popular blog posts to give them more to chew on right away.

Want to learn more about making the most of your welcome emails? Watch my free training on creating a compelling email nurture sequence by clicking below:


9. Write a roundup email

Create a roundup email with a few of your favorite posts to use on a rainy day where you don’t have fresh content. (Or add it to your emergency blog buffer.)

10. Create an Instagram post

Pick the main message of your post, share on Instagram, and load up your post with hashtags to connect with new peeps. Canva offers tons of gorgeous Instagram templates, too!


11. Create a webinar

Take a few posts around similar topics, chop ‘em up, and reassemble them into a webinar.

You can also do some reverse turkey slicing (turkey reassembling?) by taking a webinar and creating individual blog posts around each teaching point.

12. Turn your post into a checklist or pdf

People love quick and easy opt-in freebies! See if you can turn your post into a PDF readers can download and reference later. I love Canva’s newsletter templates for stunning, professional PDF design.
through slides of your content. Bring in your branding and colors for an impactful slideshow.

14. Design quote graphics

Pull out great lines and sound bytes from your post and turn them into beautiful quote graphics. And guess who’s got some easy peasy pre-made templates for ya? Yep. Canva again. 😉


15. Write a guest post

Take key ideas from an existing blog post and use them as a starting point for a guest post, to grow your audience and reach new people.
PS. I know I mention Canva a lot in this post. So just wanna be clear…I’m totally not an affiliate or paid in any way! I just love the platform and especially love that their templates make repurposing so easy. 🙂

If you’ve never used Canva, def give it a try this week and see how many ways you can turkey slice your content!

Do you use turkey slicing when it comes to your content strategy?

How else do you repurpose your content?

Do you have a system to repurpose, to make sure you’re getting every bit of turkey out of it? Or do you do it on a case-by-case basis?

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