Way-Too-Easy Trick to Promote Your Opt-In on Twitter



Don’t you just love a quick fix?


A so-simple-you-could-do-it-in-your-sleep strategy that actually works?


Then you’re going to love this little Twitter trick for leading people to your landing page for your opt-in, event, contest, blog, giveaway, (or just about anything else!)


It’s like a little magic wand that poofs traffic to your page.


First, go to a link shortener like bitly and scrunch the link of your landing page (aka the page that has your signup/free download/event details, etc.) down to size.


Then copy the shortened link and paste it into the BIO section of your Twitter profile. Don’t replace your website (you want this to stay consistent) but add the link into the bio itself.




Twitter will magically transform the url into a clickable link, so your Twitter peeps can click on it to be lead directly to your landing page. Pretty handy, right?


Make some room in your bio to include an enticing phrase like “FREE 20-day challenge:” or “Sign up for daily recipes:” to give people a reason to actually click.


Exhibit A:


Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.19.52 AM


And that is it ! 5 minutes and you’ve got an easy way for your tweeps to learn more about whatever you’d like to promote, without removing the link to your website.


over to you



What other quick tricks do you have that produce big results? I’d love to hear them – share in the comments!

Also – have you seen any creative uses of this? I think it’s clever when people say ‘Latest blog post here:’ and have it link to their blog…always gets me to click! What other uses can you think of besides promotion?

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