Protect Your WordPress Content with this 30-Second Trick

Want to protect your WordPress content?

Who doesn’t, right?

You spend so much time creating epic content for your webinars, free challenges, and other opt-in freebies. So it’s important that people earn the right to see it.

(Specifically…by “paying” with their email addresses.)

You don’t want just anyone stumbling across your content in a google search.

But if you’re not protecting your content, that’s exactly what could be happening.

In this video, you’ll learn a quick trick to protect your WordPress content. In under 30 seconds and just a few clicks, you can prevent your precious content from showing up in search engines.


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Have you ever had someone accidentally stumble onto your opt-in content? How did you handle it?

What other methods do you use to protect your content?

Any other WordPress tricks we content creators should know about?

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