The Simple Pre-Launch Survey for a Triple-Threat Launch

Launching is overwhelming.

I won’t try to convince you otherwise!

There’s so much to do. So many potential strategies to consider. And a crazy amount of moving pieces to keep track of.

The best plan of attack is to focus your limited energy on the things that matter most. Yes, there are a million and one things you could do. But that doesn’t mean you have to do #allofthethings.

You can instead focus on #onlythesmartestthings.

And one of those things is sending a super simple pre-launch survey to your audience. It will make your sales copy better. It will make your program material better. And it will warm your audience up by piquing their interest in your offer.

It’s your shortcut to launch gold.

And before you get hella overwhelmed by this idea, keep on scrollin’…because I made you a tech tutorial AND email script to show you exactly how to create and ask your audience to take your pre-launch survey. You can easily DIY it or outsource to a VA to do it for you. (For those days you just can’t be bothered.)


The element you need for better sales copy

People are more likely to buy aspirin that vitamins. It’s just how we humans are. Unless a problem is staring us square in the face, we don’t deal with it.

So when you know what your ideal client is struggling with, you’ve got sales copy GOLD, my friend.

Reminding people of their problems rubs that pain point juuuust enough to make them pay attention. Elaborating on their challenges pours a little salt in the wound. Digging into the emotional side of their struggles stings, which motivates a reader to take action to solve it.

THIS is why I spend so much time with my clients upfront to learn about their audience’s challenges. Pain is the best motivator to taking action.

The best way to understand your audience’s pain? Ask them. Plain and simple. (Sorry if you were hoping for something more complex!)

And don’t worry, you don’t need any crazy psychological-test-level questions or a statistics background to do this. You can get all the juice you need for HOT sales copy in a beyond simple, ONE-question pre-launch survey.


The one question your pre-launch survey needs

Okay. Drumroll, please…

What is your biggest challenge related to [[topic]] right now?

That’s it! Super simple, right?

Just plug in the topic of your course or program, and you’re good to go.

Make sure the question is open-ended so your audience has the freedom to write — no multiple choice!

I see a lot of entrepreneurs using Typeform nowadays and I’ve heard good things! I personally like to use SurveyMonkey, because it’s the platform I’m familiar with thanks to my former life as a market researcher.

I filmed a quick tutorial on how to set up your one-question pre-launch survey in SurveyMonkey (along with an email script to make this easy peasy). Click below to grab it!


The optional second question for your pre-launch survey

It can sometimes be helpful to add one more teensy question to your pre-launch survey. And it’s this:

(Optional) If you’d like to receive news about [[program name]] when it launches, please enter your email address below.

BOOM. This allows people to put their hands up and say “yes! I’m interested” and allows you to start building your launch list.

Just make sure to make this question optional! Let people who’d rather not share their email click away, issue-free.


Why this pre-launch survey is 24-karat magic


I get why you’re suspicious and want to make sure this is really worth your limited time.

There are three main things this small-but-mighty pre-launch survey helps you do…

Write better sales copy

Now, when it comes to your sales copy, there is a specific way you should use this feedback. And that’s to use your audience’s EXACT words!

When we’re evaluating purchases, we don’t ask ourselves “will this help someone with some problem?” We ask “will this help ME with MY specific problem?”

So when you’re writing your sales copy, use the exact words you see in the survey responses to make that personal connection.

If you’re selling a vegan recipe guide and you find your audience is challenged with:

– “spending all day in the kitchen to make one meal”
– “boring, bland flavors”
– “knowing what the frig to eat instead of cheese”

…pepper those exact words into your sales page and emails.

“I’ll show you how to eat well on a budget…without spending all day in the kitchen to make one meal.”

“Ditch boring, bland flavors and say hello to tastebud-tantalizing treats.”

“You’ll learn healthy vegan swaps for your favorite animal foods…so you know what the frig to eat instead of cheese.”

See how easy it is to weave in your audience’s words? Add them throughout your sales copy to amp the persuasion meter by calling out your audience’s pain points verbatim.

Create a better product

Satisfying your clients comes down to one major thing: making them feel like they got what they came for.

I could spin in-depth, Stephen-Hawking-nerd-level copywriting yarns all the livelong day. But if all you really need is to stop spinning your wheels with your pre-launch survey, you won’t find my content valuable.

When you know the subjective challenges of your audience, you can include modules or lessons that overcome those problems to make your course supa-valuable.

Or…if their specific challenge doesn’t fit into your course curriculum, this is a perfect opportunity to create a juicy bonus offer around it. Film a video, design a cheat sheet, make a slideshow, offer a live webinar to help someone overcome their challenge. It’s an excellent add-on to ramp up the perceived value of your offer.


Warm up your audience

Warming up your audience before a launch is a very delicate dance. You want to prime them to be hungry for the opportunity…but you don’t want it to be obvious that you’re about to drop some sales emails all up on ‘em.

That’s why this pre-launch survey is so brilliant. It gives them just the right amount of hints that something epic is headed their way…without sending an email saying, “Hey! Something epic’s headed your way!”

It’s ninja like that.

The key is to come from a place of service. Position your pre-launch survey as something that benefits your audience while sprinkling just a hint of launch buzz on top.

To make it easy on ya, click here to download a free email script with the perfect survey-ask email. It’s super simple, service-focused, and motivates your audience in just the right way…


Read to implement this sucker?

Putcha. Pinky. Rings up. To the. MOOOOOON!

Okay, for real…setting up and sending out this pre-launch survey should take a maximum of one hour of your time.

And considering all the sales copy gold, program gold, AND warm-up gold you get out of the ordeal? I’d say it’s highly worth the teeny time investment.

To make it even easier, I’ve written the email script AND filmed the video tutorial to show you how to get your pre-launch survey and running.

Whether you want to DIY or send it to your VA to do for you, you’ve got literally everything you need to tap into this 24-karat magic right here, right now.

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Have you ever run a survey like this? What were your results?

How else do you like to warm up your audience before a launch?

What is your biggest challenge related to launching right now? 😉

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