Meet Steph!

We’re so thrilled to welcome Steph to Team WhitRy, as our new Associate Copywriter!


We’ve been spending a lot of time together over the last few weeks (interviews, test projects, and the first few sessions of training) and Steph is an absolute gem! She has a knack for writing conversational copy and a sharp strategic mind when it comes to marketing. She’s also warm, easy to talk to, and has great motivated energy. In short: she’s a perfect addition to our growing team!

Steph is paving the way as our first ever Associate Copywriter. She’ll be ready to serve new blogging clients later this fall. (More info at the bottom of this post.)

Until then, she’ll be with us in the digital studio, mastering our signature method of creating blog posts that make sales, close clients, increase engagement, bump you up in Google rankings, and communicate your vibe to potential customers.✌️

We’re so excited to welcome Steph to Team WhitRy! And so you can be just as excited, we conducted a little interview so you can get to know her here the blog…

What’s your name? Any nicknames? My full name is Stephanie Scott but I prefer to be called Steph. I’ve also been called Scotty and Gwen (as in, Gwen Stefani 🙄😂).

Where are you from? From Clacton on Sea in England. I’m a coastal bird! But I just moved to New Jersey, USA with my husband this month.

*Fun fact: Our team now has an American who lives in England (Whitney) + a Brit who lives in America (Steph). We like to keep you guessing on which accent will come out of which mouth. 😜

What do you love most about writing? I’ve adored writing short stories and poems ever since I was a little ‘un. A pen and paper (or keyboard and fingertips) has always been my most effective form of communication and this has always spilled out into my career.

Why are you passionate about being part of a virtual team and having a flexible workstyle? As a military spouse, I’m constantly juggling many different metaphorical balls and am always expecting the unexpected. Being part of a flexible, virtual team allows me to work at my absolute best, unhindered by permanent desks, long commutes and time zone differences.

What’s your favorite book/story and why? Well… since it would be too obvious to say Harry Potter….! My two favorite authors are Bill Bryson for all of his traveling adventures and Jon Ronson for his great perspective on human behavior. My favourite is probably So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Ronson which is about the anonymity provided by social media and the horrors of viral witch hunts. I’m a sponge to any and all knowledge about the effects of social media, and these topics in particular appeal to my love of psychology.

What are some of your favorite hobbies, outside of work? Travel is my number one interest and I love finding budget trips away to European cities and to the mountains. Fitness is super important to me (I’m actually a qualified Personal Trainer!) and I indulge in a variety of sports including Krav Maga (an Israeli martial art), pole dancing, and hiking. Writing is also within my top three, and I (try to) keep an active travel and lifestyle blog at

Favorite food? Can’t beat a traditional English roast dinner with giant Yorkshire Puddings the size of the plate!

What’s one of your favorite brands and what you admire about them? I love Lonely Planet because they literally changed the nature of the travel industry. LP was created by a young couple who had nothing but the clothes on their backs for the longest period of time. Their genuine love for travel and experiencing new cultures drove them to start creating guides for budget travel and the brand expanded with them.

What are you grateful for today? The opportunity to be able to move to the US and start a new adventure here! I just moved this month so it’s all quite new and exciting!

Where are we most likely to find you on a weekend? Either flying into a new city or country…or else at home with my husband playing board games 🤣.

What you’re most excited for, as you join us here at Team WhitRy? I’m so excited to work with this growing entrepreneurial team! I’ve followed Whit on social media for a while and have been in awe of her persuasion techniques and knowledge of human psychology/behavior. I can’t wait to apply that knowledge to help our clients genuinely connect with their readers.

Steph’s copywriting services will be part of our brand new blogging package — we’ll be accepting projects starting in Fall 2019. To be notified when we unveil our new and (insanely!) improved blogging package + get the first offer to book a spot, click here to join the waitlist.

And be sure to follow Steph on Instagram, Twitter, and her beautiful travel blog. (But be warned: her photos and cozy descriptions will make you want to pack up a suitcase and plan a weekend trip stat!)

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