Make Copywriting Great Again with These 3 Persuasion Tricks

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Donald Trump has achieved some truly incredible feats.

He’s built millions (or is it billions?) of dollars in wealth.

He’s grown countless businesses from the ground up.

He’s made himself a household name — one that’s synonymous with “winning.” Just ask him. 😉


And, oh yeah, he’s kind of dominating the biggest persuasion game in the country.

I’m not saying he’s the better candidate. Not even a little bit, IMHO.

But he is doing a phenomenal job at captivating his audience. He’s leading a campaign like we’ve never seen before and has come way further than anyone expected…or more seasoned politicians were able to.

And that all comes down to one thing: his insane ability to persuade.

Whatever your political leanings, The Donald can teach us all a thing or two (or three, as it were) about compelling an audience. And in this week’s video, I’m breaking them down:



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What do you think of Donald Trump’s persuasion tactics?

What are your thoughts on the other candidates when it comes to persuasion?

What are they doing well — and not-so-well — to compel their audiences?

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