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In the online marketing world, launching seems ultra glamorous.


A successful launch allows you to:

Make five, six, or seven figures in a matter of weeks

Serve an unlimited number of people begging for what you offer

Wake up to an inbox bursting with payment notifications

Do a happy dance as birds sing outside your window because all the pieces of your life are magically falling into place

In reality? Yeah, no. Not so much.


It’s usually more like:

Having no clue what to write in your emails to get people to buy

Putting off big-picture launch planning…and then suffering major procrastination guilt

Hosting a webinar where the only attendees are your best friend and your Aunt Marge

Extending earlybird discounts and keeping your cart open way after you said you would, because no one’s buying

And can we be real for a minute? Launching can also have you:

Feeling like you’re not good enough

Being totally embarrassed by your lukewarm, last-minute promotion efforts

Stressing so much you can’t sleep

Questioning how you’re ever gonna make this “online biz” thing work

You pour your heart + soul into your work.

So when no one opens your emails, visits your sales page, or pushes the big shiny “buy now” button, it’s not just devastating for your wallet.

It cuts much deeper than that.

Butand this is a big, Kardashian-level but

It doesn’t have to be that way, bud.

Working with solopreneurs to create launch copy is my very favorite (shhh, don’t tell the other packages!) because it takes launches from woeful to wonderful.

Overwhelming to overexciting.

Sucky to succulent.

You get the idea.

Your 3-month launch package is a relationship-building power shot.

We start by warming up your audience with value-centered blog posts to prove your expertise, share your personality, and get them hungry for what you’re about to sell.

We tantalize them with a webinar where you’ll share even more value.

And then we hook them with can’t-walk-away sales copy that positions your offer as THE solution to achieve what your audience truly wants and needs.

By leading with value, you lose the ick factor so you can sell with integrity.

It’s an effective, natural sales process that feels as good to you as it does to your bottom line.

As your launch partner (with a psych background,) I see your offer from the outside to objectively connect the dots between what you provide and what your audience craves.

As a copywriter, I use the power of persuasion to juice up your sales copy like crazy.

And as an organization freak, I map it all out to keep everything on track.

Launch Expert Jeff Walker personally reviewed the sales page Whitney wrote for me…and his feedback was glowing!

Jeff was really impressed with Whitney’s copy and didn’t recommend any changes on what she wrote.

(And it’s not like he was holding back with his feedback — he ripped apart some of the other sales pages from our mastermind group!)

Jeff said that Whitney’s copy hit on everything he was looking for and there was honestly nothing he would change about it.

I’m always thrilled with the sales copy Whitney creates for me. But getting Jeff Walker’s expert seal of approval gives me even more confidence in its quality!

Susie Moore,

Your launch package includes:

  • One half-day kickoff call to strategize about your offer, your webinar, your ideal customers, and the most compelling ways to connect with them
  • A customized 3-month launch calendar, complete with all the major copy-related milestones (taking into account time for things like scheduling emails, getting webpage copy to your VA/designer, etc.)
  • Copy for 4 pre-launch blog posts to warm up your audience and get them hungry for your offer
  • Copy to promote your webinar (or video series, virtual workshop, etc.): opt-in page, thank you page, 3 emails, and confirmation/reminder emails for opt-ins
  • One sales strategy call to discuss program details + persuasion techniques
  • Copy to promote program sales: long-form sales page, 8 sales emails (for standard 5-day open cart,) and 1 “attentive nudge” email for people who clicked but didn’t buy
  • Copy to wow new customers: thank you page, welcome/what’s next email
  • Two rounds of revisions to get your message and voice just right
  • INVESTMENT: $6,500

Want to learn more? Let's chat!

Together, we’ll create launch copy that sparkles.

During your next launch, you can:

Connect with your audience in a genuine, non-pushy way

Compel people to want your offer, not bully them into buying

Manage the moving pieces like a CEO, not like an intern

Reclaim your time and sanity to enjoy the exciting process

Have the complete, professional launch your offer really deserves

Let’s make some launch magic together.

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For my first launch project with Whitney, the copy was authentically me and tripled the sign ups for this retreat compared to last year.

For the second, we finished launch day as an Amazon #1 bestseller in two categories!

The copy was outstanding, she met all deadlines, and was personal and professional all at the same time. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Laurie Dupar

PMHNP, RN, PCC, Coaching for ADHD

The launch copy I got back was better than I could have ever written.  Whitney captured my essence.

It was the best launch I have done, and she saved me an incredible amount of time and stress.

She walked me through exactly what I needed to do, which wasn’t much. I had plenty of time to develop the content for not only the pre-launch webinar, but for the program itself. Everything went so smoothly, that I never see a need to write copy again – I will hire Whitney.

Jean Kuhn

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