[FREE GUIDE] How to Use Twitter to Block Out the Social Noise


I can’t be the only one who goes on Twitter and sees lots and lots of…noise.


I say this with love, because Twitter is awesome sauce and so are the connections it forms. But somewhere along the line, people have gone a little bit cray cray (technical psych term) when it comes to the network.

Why? Well, it’s common social media opinion that “you can’t post too much on Twitter”. And while exposure is a good thing, I straight-up don’t agree with this mentality. You just have to start sacrificing quality somewhere along the line when you’re posting 10, 20, or more times each day. You go from sharing a bite or two of juicy, tender filet mignon to a 20-piece box of day-old chicken McNuggets.


And that’s when it starts to look a lot like noise.


Well, consider Twitter lists your own customized pair of noise-canceling headphones.


How to use Twitter lists


Twitter enables you to create custom lists that include only tweets from specific users. These lists help you zero in on the people who matter for your goals on the network (friends, family, clients, co-workers, industry leaders, etc.) and allow you to cut through the noise and get straight to the good stuff.


It’s really easy to set up and use Twitter lists. Click on the icon below to access my Quick-Start guide to create, access, and edit your Twitter lists. 




*Click on the image above and zoom in, or right click + save, to read all the juicy details!

Pro tip: set your lists to private if you don’t want the list members to know they’ve been added. Twitter will send a user a notification when you add them to a public list, so make sure to set your list to private before you add people. I recommend always setting your “clients” list to private, just because that’s normally nobody’s bizz-nass but your own!


I’m not saying that there isn’t some value in the noise; there is. I’ve found fantastic links when I take the time to weed through the mountains of tweets in my main feed. The problem is that those mountains tend to distract you from your core Twitter strategy. I use lists to keep my focus and zero in on the people who matter for me, business-wise and in my personal life.


There are so many ways to use Twitter lists, and they ultimately depend on your goals for using the network. Do you want to connect with others in your field? Make an industry list. Do you want to maintain client relationships? Make a client list. Do you want to keep up with friends or family who live far away? Make a personal contacts list. Do you want to share more topic-related content? Make a list of people who tweet about specific interests or fields.


You can also add people who you’re not following to a list. So you can do things like make a list of professionals whose careers you admire to see how they’re using Twitter, or you can track potential clients to understand them and build your relationship before going in for the sale. Not to sound like QVC on mix-and-match jewelry weekend, but the possibilities are endless!



Twitter is the ultimate connection tool…when you can cut through the noise.
Consider Twitter lists your own customized pair of noise-canceling headphones.
Skip the McNuggets and get straight to the juicy steak with Twitter lists.
[FREE GUIDE] How to use Twitter lists to cut through the social noise.



over to you

How will you use Twitter lists? What is the Twitter list that will be most helpful for you to create? Write it here so you can hold yourself accountable!
If you’re not using Twitter lists, how do you tease out the good stuff from the noise? I love learning new strategies.
Do you think there’s value in tweeting dozens of time each day? A lot of people do, so let’s talk about it!

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