How to Name Your Program with the Golden Trio Naming Method

Wondering how to name your program? Webinar? Signature strategy?

And sick of airy-fairy copywriting theory that doesn’t actually move you to ACTION?

You’re gonna like this, bud. 😉

Not because I’m a naming savant. Naming programs, modules, webinars, strategies, you name it, is actually my very least favorite task as a copywriter.

Give me a 6K-word sales page any day of the week. But how to name your program, even if it’s only four measley words long? Hard pass.

This strategy works precisely because I’m NOT a natural at naming.

My copywriting clients often come to me in search of the magic words to make their program, offer, or method POP.

When you give something a name, it instantly transforms into a Very Big Deal. It goes from this simple little thing you do to a verifiable THING that people want to know more about.

Your strategy can go from “oh, this old thing? It’s just three steps!” to “OMG you have to learn about the Valentine Massacre Strategy — it changed my life!”

Because it’s not my fave, I had to find a way to make it really easy when my clients came to me for naming help. That’s when I developed the super simple Golden Trio Naming Method.

How to name your program, the easy way.

This is the easiest, fool-proof-iest formula to follow when you’re stuck on a name for your thing.

It works whether you need to name your program, or:
– webinar
– signature system
– lead magnet
– strategy
– process

…Or even a 3-part naming formula inside one of your blog posts. 😉

Your name just needs three parts:

PART 1: “The”

…That’s it.

Just plop a “the” at the beginning of your name. (Told you this was simple!)

PART 2: Descriptor

Choose 1-3 words to describe your thing. This can literally be anything — you can go as literal or abstract as you want!

Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning…

Describe the benefits. This is the clearest strategy of the bunch. Tony Robbins has his Rapid Planning Method, a process to help you — you guessed it — create a plan, rapidly.

Use an analogy or story-based tangent. There are three parts inside this here system — hence Golden Trio. (Plus it has a subtle Harry Potter reference…which is naturally my main criteria for business-related decisions.)

Use your name. If you’re naming something that’s a big part of your business, you can use your name! My rockstar client buddies at Primal Video use “Primal” in a lot of their names — the Primal Video Formula, Primal Growth Pillars, and Primal Video Academy. It saves them a ton of time to simplify their naming process like this!

Rhyme time. In my book, you can never go wrong with a good rhyme. Personal Trainer Joe Wicks has his Lean in 15 plan full of meal and HIIT workout ideas.

Alliteration. Alliteration is where the first letter of multiple words is the same. A great example is Todd Herman‘s concept of the Prada Protocol inside the 90-Day Year program.

Go off-book and do something totally random. My fellow copywriter Colin Theriot has a process called the Viking Velociraptor Formula for persuasive copy. His method has nothing to do with vikings or velociraptors (as you could probably guess) but the name’s so obscure it sticks out in your mind and builds major intrigue.

The key here? Don’t overthink this one too much!

You could spend days stressing over a name. Or…you could choose a few words that feel right and move on to Part 3.

PART 3: Quantifier

Here’s where we wrap up your name in a way that makes it feel legit.

Just pick one of the fancy words below to tack onto the end of your name:

– Method
– Formula
– Strategy
– Equation
– Factor
– Mode
– Plan
– Mechanism
– System
– Gauge
– Technique
– Schema
– Tactic
– Procedure
– Protocol
– Doctrine
– Syndrome
– Calibrator
– Test

There are a bunch more quantifiers you could use here, but you get the idea!

Choose the word that sounds most natural to makes your name sound solid and professional.

Here’s one more pro naming tip…

The more names you use, the more valuable and knowledgeable your brand will feel.

Coming up with your own signature methods, systems, factors, and the like makes your content feel special — which it is!

You’re the ONLY one who does your thing in your unique way. Might as well make it explicit and give that thing a name that sets it apart.

Do this now:

Pick ONE thing in your business you’re going to give a name to. One system or process or strategy that’s unique to you.

It might take a hot minute to think of, but I promise you’ve got something up your sleeve you can turn into a Very Big Deal with a name.

Then go through this quick process and — bingo bango bongo — you’ve got yourself a thing that will elevate your brand!

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What “thing” are you going to name today? A system? Strategy? Process?

What is the new, sparkly name for that “thing”? I wanna hear it!

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