5 Tools to Find Epic Content (Almost) Effortlessly


One of the biggest challenges of managing social media is finding content. Good content. Not content-for-content’s-sake content, but actual this-looks-so-great-I-can’t-not-click content.


To find good content, you have two options:


1. Spend hours every day treasure troving through the Internet to eventually find a few good pieces, or


2. Learn some tricks to bring the good content to you.


I know which one of those I prefer! Over my four+ years working in social media, I’ve developed a whole slew of tricks to source great content. Whether it’s getting inspiration, finding great articles, or learning what social audiences respond best to, there are a bunch of shortcuts to get you epic content, faster.


Here are a few of my faves:


Feedly. Feedly is my go-to when I’m making monthly content calendars. It’s a blog reader that pulls together the latest posts from your favorite sites. Instead of visiting each site and scrolling through posts individually, feedly brings them all to you in one spot. My favorite feature of feedly is that it lets you break websites into categories, so you can follow multiple topics at once. This is great if you like to post about a variety of topics (like I do) or if you want to keep track of blogs outside of your industry for clients (…also like I do!


OPS (Other People’s Stuff). When it comes to awesome social content, sometimes there’s just no need to reinvent the wheel. Competitor research is a fantastic way to gauge what people are responding to and what type of content they like to see. You can get a ton of inspiration and post ideas by setting up Facebook lists or Twitter lists of others in your industry to see which posts are gaining the most traction on social.  


BuzzSumo. You know how sometimes you post something you think is over-the-top amazing, and no one likes it? And other times you post a random picture of your fat cat lazing out on the desk and it gets dozens of shares? It’s not always easy for us to predict what people will respond to on social…unless it is. BuzzSumo is like your crystal ball for post popularity — it lets you search popular articles, infographics, videos, and more by how often they’re shared on social media. Just type in your keyword and see the most shared results. You can even filter by shares on a particular social network, to segment your social sharing.


GG File. If you haven’t read this post on setting up a GG file, make sure to take a look! A GG file is a folder where you keep great post ideas that you come across, at a time when you aren’t able to post to social media. So for me, every time I see an awesome article, image, or post idea, I take a screenshot and drag it into my GG file. Then when it comes time to post, I take a look to remind myself of all the stellar content I’ve come across. 


BufferIt’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Buffer for scheduling posts, but their Suggestions feature hand delivers ready-made posts right to your account. Just click on the Suggestions tab under the Content tab to see a list of content related to topics you normally post about. I usually find that not every single suggested post applies, but I’ve found some real gems just by clicking through and exploring.


Bottom line: even though epic content takes time, it’s the only kind worth posting on social. (Tweet this!) Use these strategies and tools and you’ll dramatically cut the time you find sourcing great content, so you can focus on building engagement and optimizing your strategy.


over to you

Have you used any of these tools before? What did you think of them?

What are your other favorite tools or strategies to source your social content?



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