How to Host a Social Cocktail Party with Facebook Lists

I’ll be blunt: Facebook News Feed just ain’t what it used to be, peeps.

It used to keep me totally in the loop with my family, close friends, and the handful of businesses I liked.

Now, it’s all weird foot videos (watch to the end of the video to see what I mean,) sponsored ads, and random ramblings from some kid in my high school calc class.

That’s not to criticize. With hundreds of friends and god-knows-how-many liked pages, it would be impossible for me to see every post from every account. I get it.

But lately, doesn’t it feel like you see the same old stuff from the same old people…and meanwhile there are some really interesting conversations what you’re missing out on?

Then I’ve got your answer.

Facebook lists are an easy (and free!) way to:

Stay up-to-date on news in your industry.
Join social conversations around a particular topic or interest.
Get inspired and find great content to share on your own social media outlets.
Keep in touch with family and friends.
Monitor what your competitors are doing on social.

Facebook lists are super versatile and can be used in many, many ways. You can use these powerful little content-gathering lists to follow leaders in your industry, clients, potential clients, competitors, family members…it’s really up to you how you.

In this video, I’ll walk you through how to create a Facebook list. When used the right way, a Facebook list is like your own personal cocktail party full of people that you find interesting or useful for your business.

Facebook lists are like your own personal social cocktail party. Watch how to set one up in 5 mins. <–TWEET THIS!

The best part? It will take you only a few minutes to set up and you will love how easy they are to use.



After you watch the video, I’d love to hear how you’ll use Facebook lists!
What topics are you creating your lists around?
Are you following industry leaders, colleagues, competitors, trends, your favorite guilty pleasure celebs?
Leave a link to your list (or one you recommend) so I can check out how you’re using them!

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