How to Make a Facebook Call to Action Button


Well isn’t this interesting.


Last week, I blogged about 4 simple things to include in your Facebook welcome video, and I made a point to mention how rare it is for me to blog about the hot happening social media news the kids are all talking about.



Why? Because in social media, changes happen in the blink in the eye. More times than not, by the time I’m able to put it out there, it’s already been said 1,693,205 times before.


Well this week, I’m breaking my don’t-talk-about-new-social-media-features rule, again. But like the video, I think this topic is too important (and too easy) not to bring to your attention.


Facebook recently rolled out the new Facebook call to action buttons. Within the last week or so, just about every person I know with a business page could access them, so chances are you can too!


In social media right now, we’re seeing a lot more emphasis on moving customers away from social media sites and onto owned platforms, like a business’s website or email list. If you’ve noticed the major drop in organic reach on Facebook this year (and who hasn’t?!) you’ll agree when I say that it’s vitally important to control your access to your community.


Social engagement is awesome, but getting someone to opt in to an email list or subscribe to a newsletter is arguably better. It’s your best long-term strategy to build lifelong customer relationships…which is what we want, right?


The big FB recognized the trend and Facebook call to action buttons are one way they’re helping page owners direct traffic where we really want it. 


If you’ve got 60 seconds today, you can set up your Facebook call to action button, and in this video I’ll walk you through it.



Which Facebook call to action button will you be using? Anyone linking to a shop, a video, or a contest?

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