How to Target Your Facebook Audience…For Free


You know those days when you put tons of time into getting ready…and no one notices?


The times you spend hours making sure your shirt is perfectly ironed, your makeup looks flawless, and your hair lays just right…and then you show up to work/dinner/a party and absolutely no one comments on how ridiculously good you look?


Facebook can be kind of like that sometimes.


It’s suuuper disheartening when you spend time finding the perfect piece of content — or even creating that content yourself — only to discover that barely any of your audience actually saw the Facebook post in their News Feed.


It’s so disheartening that I’ve seen many an entrepreneur quit and say that “Facebook isn’t worth it” because their message isn’t getting delivered to their audience.


I totally get it, and I’ve felt the sting of that disappointment myself from time to time. But if Facebook could talk, it’d be saying “it’s not you, it’s me.” (Tweet this!) It’s not your post, it’s the algorithm. It’s not that your content isn’t mind-numbingly awesome, it’s that nobody saw it in the first place.


Facebook reach has NOTHING to do with the quality of your posts (not directly, anyway). It’s all to do with how people are responding to them…in Facebook speak.




Facebook reach is aaallllllll about how people interact with your posts. Facebook only wants to show the good stuff, and it checks out how people are responding to your post to make that cyber judgment call.


To increase your organic reach on Facebook, you need the first few people who see your post in their News Feed to show they like it in a way Facebook understands. That’s through the digital language of likes, comments, shares, and clicks.


If the first people don’t show any interest, Facebook gradually stops showing your post in the News Feed. If the first people click, like, and share…well, that’s when the magic virality happens.




Facebook Audience Targeting is a free way to get your posts into the hands of the people who are more likely to show some Facebook love.


With this strategy, you direct your posts to the fans who are most likely to enjoy it. You can filter your fans by gender, age, location, interests, and more to really zero in on exactly who you want to reach.


Then Facebook shows your posts in these News Feeds first — getting your message to the people who will love it and increasing your chances of an expanded reach due to positive engagement. BOOM. Double whammy.




Chances are, your targeting preferences aren’t even turned on, much less being used. But you can change all that in a matter of minutos.


Check out this how-to video and I’ll walk you through exactly how to do it!



Let me know in the comments how you use Facebook audience targeting on your page!

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