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Creating blog posts is a lot of work.

When you’re putting in the time and (wo)manpower, you want your efforts to be worth it.
That’s why it’s especially painful when people aren’t reading or engaging with your blog posts.
You’ve got a million and one other things on your plate — and spending 4, 5, or 6 hours on a blog post that doesn’t get much traction isn’t one of them.
In this video, I’ll show you a way to explore blog ideas that are proven to be effective.
Rather than reinvent the wheel, let’s use proven successful content to build your editorial calendar and choose your blog topics.
Watch and I’ll show you how!

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– How do you pick your blog topics?
– Do you have any tools (like BuzzSumo) that you use to explore content topics?
– What’s ONE content idea you gained after a BuzzSumo search? What ideas were sparked for you?

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