Engagement, Overwhelm, and Your Signature Blend™


How do I find shareable moments to talk about on social?


What can I do to drive engagement so I don’t feel like I’m not talking to an empty room?


How do I stop the overwhelm?


These are three of the biggest questions I’m asked by entrepreneurs and small business owners. AND they just so happen to be three of the topics I chatted with Dana Rivera about yesterday in her first-ever Storyteller Circle Show google hangout!


Have you ever watched or participated in a hangout (aka an HOA — hangout on air — as I learned from the cool kids yesterday)? I’ve watched a few but had never been a guest on one before and let me tell you, I totally loved it.


As someone who’s still getting comfortable in front of the camera, I didn’t go into this HOA expecting to enjoy myself, to be perfectly honest. But I knew it would be a good thing to push myself out of my comfort zone and give it a go. Once the live hangout started, the nerves came right off and I had a lot of fun interacting with those who joined us live and in the conversations afterwards in the comments.


I might just be experimenting with them more in the future…


(Sidenote: If you’re on Google+, let’s connect! Find me here.)


In the show, we talked about a few social media topics that I know you’re going to like:

How to generate more engagement with an easy peasy strategy that feels good and gets results

How to stop the overwhelm and feel in control when it comes to social media

What your Signature Blend™ is and how to make sure you’re presenting yourself the right way online

Why you need to include promotions into your social mix and ideas for non-salesy ways to do it

The random way Dana and I met (hint: involves a teeny tiny town in PA)

How you can bang out an entire month of social content in just a couple of hours


Watch the HOA below!

over to you

At the beginning of the hangout, I asked our audience which camp they fell into:

Team Business: who only logs on to social media when they have something business-related to share

Team Audience: who focuses entirely on their audience and never mentions their business or offerings


I wanna know — which team are YOU in? Or are you a mix of both? Leave a comment with your answer and we can chat about the pros and cons, and how you can move towards a more satisfying middle ground.


And if you like our hangout, there’s a ton more where that came from! Click here to subscribe to Dana’s Storyteller Circle Show. It’s completely free and she has some amazing guests lined up for this season!


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