Double your productivity, without doubling your time

I recently read an idea that set of fireworks in my head.

It can completely change the way you approach your time, your projects, and your marketing (and get you a bunch of stuff fo’ FREE.)

I discovered this genius nugget when I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki — which is kind of a beginner’s guide to money management. Or, I should say, a beginner’s guide to alternative punk rock money management…because it goes against some of the traditional advice in favor of more entrepreneurial ideas.

One idea I absolutely love is that when it comes to investments, you always want to get something for free.

I know that sounds kinda kooky. So here’s an example to explain it:

Let’s say you invest $1,000 in a stock you’ve got a gut feeling is primed for some major growth. Your hunch is right — within two months, it’s grown 50 percent.

Sweet! Now you have $1,500 value in this stock.

Following Kiyosaki’s logic, you’d take out your original investment of $1,000, leaving you with $500 in that stock.

Because you have your initial $1,000 back in your pocket, you’ve just earned yourself $500 worth of stock…for free.

Isn’t that awesome?!! That idea got the creative wheels in my head turning big time…

How can this apply to my business?
What could I get for free, by investing my time?
How can I double my outputs in the same amount of hours?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized there are so many ways to get something for “free” in your business:
– free traffic
– free lead magnets
– free list growth
– free exposure
– free expert credibility
– free email content
– free additional sales

…just to name a few.

But you’ve got to be intentional. Unless you know these opportunities exist, you’ll never get them for free.

Here are 6 ways to get big, bad, and valuable rewards…without any additional cost:


Free traffic, list growth + expert credibility

What you’re already doing: Creating new content (whether that’s articles, videos, or audio)

How to get something for free #1: Instead of posting that hot new content on your platform…share it on someone else’s!

By guest posting, you’ll get exposure to a new audience and — if you do it right — can lead people to become email subscribers on your list.

You’ll still show that content with your current audience. Many outlets will let you share the content on your site once it goes live on theirs. If not, you can always email your list with a link to the new guest post. Everybody wins!

How to get something for free #2: Being featured on different outlets gives you MAJOR expert cred. Everybody’s impressed by a big “as seen on” section!

The more you guest post, the bigger and badder publications you can approach with your pitches. Start small, with places like The Huffington Post…and eventually you’ll have the social proof to pitch Entrepreneur and Inc.

For more on guest posting, check out this awesome article on guest posting by Jenny Shih.

Free lead magnets

What you’re already doing: Blogging or sending email newsletters

How to get something for free: Combine your existing content around the same topic into a free report, challenge, video training, or email course — and use that as an opt-in on your website!

Let’s say you’re a health coach and you send out emails with recipes. You can pull from your stash and create…
– The Greatest Hits Recipe Book
– The Kid-Approved Dinner Challenge
– The 1-Week-to-Raw email course
– The Sugar-Free Dessert series
– The 13 Meals in 3 Hours video training

If you’re NOT mining your existing content for lead magnet ideas, you’re missing out on tempting offers that could grow your email list by leaps and bounds!

Free way to pitch your email list (without feeling a drop of skeez)

What you’re already doing (or at least thinking of doing): Creating an email welcome sequence — which is an amazing thing to do in and of itself!

A welcome sequence is a series of emails that automatically goes out to every new subscriber to warm them up and train them to WANT to open your emails when they see them land in their inboxes.

How to get something for free #1: If you do it right — meaning you establish enough credibility, empathy, and friendship during the early parts of the sequence — you’ve earned the right to pitch new subscribers at the end of it.

This guarantees that EVERY new subscriber has been invited to work with you in a natural, feel-good way…so you know you’re catching all the low-hanging fruit you possibly can.

How to get something for free #2: Your welcome sequence goes out to NEW subscribers. But that doesn’t mean your current subscribers should miss out on all that goodness!

If you share value and authority through storytelling (which is exactly what I teach inside my new program Welcome Sequence Wonderful,) your email list will enjoy these stories just as much as new subscribers…so you might as well share them!

You can repurpose 6 out of the 7 Welcome Sequence Wonderful emails to send to your current subscribers. Umm, can you say 6 FREE email newsletters?!

How to get something for free #3: The thing I love most about welcome sequences is that you put in the work once…and then reuse that sequence over and over until the end of time.

You invest just a few hours of your time to create an automated way to properly warm up every. single. new person who joins your list…until infinity. There aren’t many business tools that have that kind of longevity, so it’s smart to leverage the ones that do.
Want to be notified when Welcome Sequence Wonderful opens for enrollment? Click here to join the waitlist. >>

Free email newsletters AND social media posts

What you’re already doing: Creating weekly blog content

How to get something for free #1: A new client recently told me he has over 300 blog posts…that he hasn’t shared with his list. When I asked why, he said, “I just don’t know what to write in the emails!”

Let’s make this easy peasy, bud…

Take the introduction of your blog post and copy it into an email. Add a “Click here to read the rest of the post!” link and send that puppy out to your list. It can be that simple!

How to get something for free #2: Take the same introduction above and pop it on social media along with the url to your blog post, leading people to your website to read more.

How to get something for free #3: Pull out the lessons inside your blog post and make them standalone social media posts. You’ll share bite-sized value pieces on your channels and position yourself as an expert.

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Free emotional + physical boost

What you’re already doing: Going for walks

NBC News says walking is the most underrated form of exercise there is. It reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, pretty much every kind of not-so-great health issue. And it’s so easy to do.

How to get something for free #1: Start going for walk-and-talks.

A Stanford University study shows that walking improves creativity up to 60%.

Working on a challenging problem or project? Feeling stuck? Go for a walk with your phone, hit “record”, and talk it out…with yourself. You’ll come up with fresh ideas that you just couldn’t grasp before.

I started doing this recently and have been amazed at what my little brain has come up with while on the move. Seriously — I know it sounds weird but give it a try!

How to get something for free #2: Walking isn’t just good for your creative juices. It’s also fantastic for your mental health.

Did you know that here in England, the first “prescription” given to those with mild depression is a gym membership? Exercise has been shown to be nearly as effective as pharmaceuticals in treating some forms of mental illness. And you get that emotional health boost for free when you talk out your business ideas while walking.

Free time + money

(Okay, this one’s not strictly business-related. But it’s changed my life in a big way so I wanted to share it!)

What you’re already doing: Buying food for you and your family at the grocery store

How to get something for free #1: Check for stores that offer online ordering.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my favorite grocery store offers a service where someone will pick out my groceries for me and all I have to do is drive to the curb to pick it up.

And not only that…they also offer free home delivery! I no longer spend 1-2 hours of my weekend walking around the grocery store, fighting through crowds and long checkout lines. Free weekend time back? Yes, puh-lease.

How to get something for free #2: Grocery shopping online also saves money because we don’t spend on gas going to/from the grocery store anymore. My store’s website also has a handy “Offers” section that pulls together all the sales and specials store-wide, which makes it easy to choose recipes that use on-sale ingredients.

How to get something for free #3: I’m not gonna lie: Having someone else do your grocery shopping just makes you feel like an absolute queen. Don’t undervalue the benefit of feeling like a mini rock star every week!

As entrepreneurs, we only have a finite amount of time. It’s not just smart, it’s essential to get as much out of your time as you can.

Focusing on projects and tasks that give you something for free is the easiest way to double your productivity without doubling your time.

This week, put Tip #4 to work. Go for a walk-and-talk and flex your creative muscles to challenge yourself to think of three ways you can get something for free in your business. Then hit me back and let me know what they are!

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