The Simple Cure for Copy that Doesn’t Convert

Suffering from copy that doesn’t convert?

Copy that you’ve poured time, brainpower, and more than a few cups of coffee into that’s still not producing any results for ya?

You’re not alone, if so. It happens to the best of us.

There’s one main culprit behind copy that doesn’t convert. One big change you can make to get more people connecting, caring, and taking action when they read your words.

And don’t worry — it’s not a complicated persuasion strategy or sneaky wordsmithing trick. It’s a simple shift that anyone can make.

A story to exlain copy that doesn’t convert

Imagine that you’re strolling through the mall hunting for a pair of holiday PJs to give your nephew.

You decide to take a “shortcut” through the handbag section of Bloomingdales. A little window shopping can’t hurt, right?

That’s when it happens.

You lock eyes with a buttery, black leather crossbody bag with the most beautiful rose gold hardware, basking in the warm glow of the industrial light feature.

And your thoughts start to go a little something like this…

Oh my word.

That’s divine.

You reach out to touch the bag…

Wow, that’s soft. How is it even possible for leather to be this soft?

How good would it feel to walk around with this bag? I would look like a million bucks.

As you pick up the bag from its pedestal and slip it over your shoulder…

You know, I’m one pair of Uggs away from becoming that slouch at the daycare drop-off.

I really should spend 10 minutes getting ready in the morning.

Then people would actually ​look ​at me, instead of just passing over the sloppy, disheveled mom.

You twist in front of the mirror as your thoughts continue…

This bag would make every single outfit look better. I could wear anything and still look so chic.

And people would just know, you know? They’d look at me and think, “that woman is the epitome of good taste.”

You zero in on the simple rose gold buckle…

I should really declutter my closet. Just have a few classic, high-quality pieces to mix and match.

This bag would be such a perfect start to that wardrobe.

You reach down and open the top flap, as your fingers slide over the silky purple lining…

Oh, it’s so roomy!

I could bring my Kindle with me everywhere and become one of those people who reads while waiting in line. Like a cultured Parisian. I could actually finish my Goodreads challenge by January!

You look back in the mirror…

I wish I were one of those women who could just buy a designer handbag on a whim. Just because.

How nice would that be, to indulge in life’s little luxuries without feeling guilty?

But I won’t.

I can’t.

You meet your eyes in your reflection…

Or can I?

I always say “no” to stuff like this. I always do the practical thing.

And for what?

Life is short. Life is so, so short.

You take the bag off your shoulder and hold it in your hands…

I could really live in this moment of abundance.

I deserve to be happy. I deserve to treat myself. I deserve this little indulgence.

I’m freaking doing it.

You start to walk towards the register…

Right? I can do this. This is a good decision.

I’ve been working really hard in my business lately.

Plus, black is the ultimate versatile color. It’s so practical. I can wear it with everything.

And Marc Jacobs makes such good quality bags. It’s gonna last forever.

And finally, as you carefully place the bag down at the register…


This, my friend, is how people make purchase decisions.

We decide to buy based on emotions, then justify our decisions with logic.

That’s why us pesky copywriters are always hassling you to get to the WHY behind the buy. To dig for the hidden motivations that your offer really provides.

In this example, you weren’t buying a handbag. You were buying status. Elegance. Prestige. Taste. You were buying a chance to be noticed.

It wasn’t about the bag. It was about the way the bag made you feel.

That’s exactly what the juiciest sales copy focuses on.

It isn’t full of facts and figures. It paints the picture of transformation so clearly that you can’t help but fall head over heels into it.

You could take any one of the reasons above (desire to look chic, fear of losing your sense of self, developing good taste, being the envy of your friends, living in the moment) and write a compelling sales letter around it.

And nine times out of ten, that sales copy will get you higher conversions than one filled with facts and figures.

Because no matter how logical an argument you might have, if people don’t get emotionally involved, they’re not going to get financially involved.

And if you have copy that doesn’t convert, I’m willing to bet you need more emotion up in your copy.

If you’re not sure how to figure out what your customer’s deep, dark motivations are, I’ve got just the ticket:

I married my psychology education with my marketing and copywriting background to create the Audience + Brand Clarity Workbook..

I designed it to use with my private clients to tease out the insight we need to create can’t-walk-away copy. And now I’m offering it to YOU.

The ABC Workbook will give you the insight to transform your words into little persuasion machines.

Emotion-filled copy grabs people by the hand and walks them through the above scenario — reminding them of all they stand to gain by buying…and lose by ​not ​buying.

It leads to more engaged readers and more enthusiastic buyers.

Not to mention…more Benjamins rolling in the door to spend on designer rose-gold-studded handbags. (You know, assuming that’s your thing.)

Download your free Audience + Brand Clarity Workbook »

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