Want uber compelling launch copy? Add this ONE element.

I watched a launch series recently that I was absolutely enamored with.

I always pay attention when that happens and study what’s really at work to make me feel so excited.

I dug a little deeper and I realized there was one element that they kept coming back to in the copy — one overarching idea that was getting me so fired up.

In this video, I’ll share what that ONE element is, so you can include it in your next launch to create a feeling of giddy excitement.

This is a technique every single person can bring into their copy, no matter what you’re selling and no matter what your industry. It universally works!


The ONE thing we’re all really selling

First things first: the video series that had me so wrapped up was Stu McLaren’s TRIBE launch, on how to create your own membership program.

In addition to being a thing of beauty — the videos were over-the-top gorgeous — it was so unbelievably compelling.

And I say this as somebody who watches a lot of launch series and reads a ton of launch copy.

I’m always studying the techniques people are using and pulling out what’s working so I can incorporate it in the launch copy that I create for my clients.

So it’s honestly kind of rare that I will watch something and feel really excited about it. But I was really excited about Stu’s program.

…To the point where I was about this close from buying it, even though I have never thought about having a membership program before!

I realized the powerful force at work in his copy was transformation. That’s what Stu was really selling with this program.

He wasn’t selling a five-step system to build your membership site. He was selling transformation.

He was selling a change from the dollars-per-hour that most of us work in, to leveraging yourself and creating something that allows you to have more income, spend more time with your family, donate more money to charity, have all the security and beautiful things you could ever want.

No matter which industry you’re in, no matter what you’re offering, no matter what your business is, you’re ultimately selling transformation.

You’re selling the journey from Point A to Point B.

Whether you’re a business coach who’s taking someone from struggling to having a profitable business…

Whether you’re a construction company who’s taking someone who has a house that’s okay to having a warm and cozy and welcoming home that is seeped in love…

We’re all, in different ways, selling transformation to our clients.


Why transformation is so effective

Transformation meets people where they are.

When people are writing sales copy, it’s common to do such a good job of describing Point B — where people want to go — that you forget to talk about how they actually get there.

You sell all the benefits, all the reasons why your offer is so incredible, but you don’t talk about the gray area between now and then.

What Stu did so well was clearly walking us through the steps to get from here to there. He gave a million testimonials of people who have experienced the transformation for themselves.

And that made the transformation feel so real and possible.


How can you use transformation in your launch copy?


Get really clear on Point A and Point B

Start by visualizing where your client is right at this moment, at Point A.

What does their day look like?

What are they struggling with?

What are their big problems?

What are their big wants?

What words do they use to describe what they want? What they’re struggling in?

Those questions will help you understand Point A.

Next, you want to clearly define Point B, where they want to go.

What exactly does that look like?

Go deeper than something like “they want to make more money.”

Maybe that money means they can spend six months volunteering in Africa because they make enough in the first half of the year to pay for the second.

Or it means going to Whole Foods to buy organic food for their family and not wincing when they see the total amount on the receipt.

It’s important to get that specific. Really get personal with Point B. That is what’s going to connect and get people emotionally excited.

Clarifying Point A and Point B allows you to paint the transformational picture for your audience.


Get readers to imagine

In your sales copy — it could be on your sales page, in your sales emails, or in your sales video — incorporate a section where you ask people to imagine.

This could be something like:

Imagine you have a membership site that’s making you six figures each month. With that money, you’re able to go to Whole Foods and not wince when you look at the receipt. You spend June – December volunteering in Africa at the charity that’s so near and dear to your heart, knowing you’re making a tremendous difference not just in your family’s life, but in the lives of families all around the world.

Take your audience through a journey of what Point B looks like.

This is a big secret weapon in selling. The trickiest part of sales is convincing someone that they can get from Point A to Point B. That the transformation is possible.

When you tell them to imagine, when you have them picture themselves in this dream scenario, they’ve already done your work for you.

They’ve already thought it through. They’ve already seen themselves in the line at Whole Foods or in Africa or whatever their ideal situation is.

They’ve already pictured themselves at the end of the transformation.

From there, it gets a lot easier to convince them that it’s possible because they’ve already seen it in their minds.

Once you’ve gotten a reader to imagine the transformation, they’re going to be feeling the urge to purchase.

It’s at this moment that you want to add in the proof why it’s a smart investment.


Case studies.

Reminders of your expertise/experience.

Objection crushers.

Segway into the proof that readers need to feel confident the transformation is possible.

Transformation is an insanely compelling sales technique, and it’s something anyone can do! In your next launch, try incorporating the idea of transformation to add a layer of irresistibility to your offer.

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What does your Point A look like for your ideal clients?

How about Point B?

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