6 Clever Ways to Wow Your Clients…In 10 Minutes or Less

I have this 10-minute rule.

As someone who feels chronically busy and someone who really likes a tidy house, I need to play mind games with myself to stay on track.

The rule’s simple:

If a household chore will take me under ten minutes to complete, I just do it.

If I walk past breakfast dishes in the sink? Wash ’em.

If there are crumbs all over the kitchen countertop? Wipe it.

If there’s a wrinkled pile of t-shirts in the laundry basket? Fold ’em.

These micro-bursts of tidying make a huge difference to achieving my life goal of having a home that’s always surprise-visitor-ready.

More “What a lovely surprise! Here, here, come in for a glass of wine!”

And less “Oh, crap. I mean, hi. What’s up?” (as I smoothly speak out of the crack in the front door.)

As a big fan of the micro-burst of effort, I incorporate the same practice into my business.

Whenever I find myself with just a couple minutes to spare in between bigger tasks, the first place I go to fill that time is with small acts of client love.


Clever ways to wow your clients…that take only minutes

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re like me in that you really love your clients.

I’ve taken to calling them “frients” because most of the time, they feel more like friends.

But who can blame us? They’re the ones who make our dreams possible. Who help us build our businesses. Who enable us to live the type of lives that we want to live.

It’s an incredible honor when someone chooses to work with you. When you’ve been in business for years, it’s easy to forget what a victory it is each and every time you sign on a new client or a new project.

Out of all the billions of people in the world, your customer chose to work with YOU. And it’s beyond important to appreciate that.

A little gratitude goes a long way. Showing you care and value someone can take them from a one-off purchaser to a satisfied lifelong client.

Here are six clever ways to wow your clients:


Support them on social media

Everybody likes to liked…especially where others can see it.

Add a little light to your clients’ days by liking or commenting on their social media posts. It shows you care and support them and fills their feeds with a little love.

I have a video on setting up Facebook lists to make it easy to keep up with your clients — even when your News Feed is stuffed full of cat videos.


Send handwritten thank you notes

This is one of those things we know we should do, but don’t often actually do.

It’s so quick and easy to send an email but receiving a card via snail mail feels like a real treat.

Sending a handwritten thank you card not only makes the recipient feel valued, you’ll also stand out big time. Most people don’t get many handwritten cards these days so your note will really be memorable.

And bonus benefit: your cards give you a chance to build your brand. Stick with your brand colors, textures, and vibes to add one more touch point to your overall brand experience!


Celebrate big (and little) occasions

Keep track of the important days in your clients’ lives (birthdays, work anniversaries, launches, etc.) AND the smaller events (son’s soccer tournament, sister’s surgery, family vacation, etc.) your client shares with you.

I have a Keep In Touch board in Asana to help me keep track of important dates in clients’ lives, which is really handy. You don’t have to mail a card or send a gift (although that’s extra sweet!) An email or phone call asking how it went can make your client feel extra-special and cared for.


Check in when you’re thinking of them

When someone crosses your mind, trust that it’s happening for a reason.

Send them a quick email to say you were thinking about them and ask what they’re up to — no ulterior motive. Keep the focus entirely on them. Don’t use this as a way to talk about your new product or service.

Everyone likes to feel important and checking in like this will make your customers feel valued. And isn’t that something we want all our customers to feel?


Think beyond the inbox

Piggybacking on that last idea…

Emails are great. But it can be really great to connect in a more meaningful, and less expected way.

When it feels right (and when I’ve showered and bra-ed) I’ll record a quick video to send to a client. Audio messages work well, too. You can show so much more personality, warmth, and emotion through speaking than you can through writing. I find that clients really love this surprise personal touch every once in a while!

Record a voice message for a birthday. Send a video to thank them when finishing a project. Text a voice note just saying you’re thinking of them. You’ll be surprised at the effect it has!

Simply listen

The most beautiful word in the English language? It’s your own name.

Former psych student coming out here…We all love to be valued. We love to feel heard. So give your client a few minutes to talk about THEM on your next call.

I like to leave a little extra buffer time in my calls to ask how a client is doing and genuinely show interest in what they’re saying. I give them space to talk and follow wherever the conversation leads.

As entrepreneurs, we’re so focused on work work work that when someone shows an interest in you as a human, it can feel like a novel concept! So take a few minutes on your next client call and give them space to talk. Listen. Ask another question to go deeper. Acknowledge whatever they share. It does wonders in making someone feel appreciated.

I stick to my ten-minute cleaning rule because the little things add up to a LOT more.

These micro-bursts of kindness take only minutes. But they transform business transaction and into human relationships. And the world needs human relationships now more than ever, wouldn’tcha say?

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What other ways (both little and big!) do you show your customers you appreciate them?

Have you ever been on the receiving side of a great customer gift? What did someone do to make you feel extra-special?

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