Charm your readers with this unbelievably easy copywriting trick

Have you ever had a bad breakup, or a bad day at work, or a bad burrito…and just needed to tell someone about it?

I’m talking about the kind of issue where your best friend pours you a glass of wine and says “okay hun, what happened?” and you spill every detail while crying big, fat, ugly tears.

And then she says the ONE thing that takes the weight of the world off your shoulders. Those two little words that make it all magically feel better:

“I understand.”

Ahhhhh. It’s like a warm bubble bath, a snuggly pair of slippers, and your favorite book rolled into one.

It’s so comforting when someone else gets it.

Someone understands you — and despite how much that bad whatever sucks, you’re not alone.

Most of human behavior is driven by our desire to connect with others and belong. When you make someone feel understood, you tap into that powerful need for connection.

It also happens to be pretty darn effective when it comes to copywriting.

How feeling understood compels your readers


When you’re shopping for a product or service, you’re looking for the solution to your exact problem, right?

You’re not looking for a cure-all, a magic pill that works for anyone and everyone. We don’t trust products that claim to do that (and for good reason.)

In order for someone to provide the perfect solution for YOU, they first have to get you.

It’s the same with your copy.

Showing readers you understand them grabs their attention.

When you prove that you know where they’re coming from, they’re all ears — or eyes — when it comes to your copy.

The super easy copy trick to help readers feel understood


Use. Their. Words.

Simple but effective!

Instead of trying to describe their challenges yourself, bust out the ol’ copy-and-paste to use your ideal client’s exact words.

To your audience, their words are way more compelling than yours.

We’re drawn to people who speak like we do. Using the same words unconsciously creates a feeling of closeness.

Besides feeling understood, research has actually shown that we like others who mirror us more than people who don’t. (Source) Oh hello there, crucial second ingredient in the know-like-trust equation!


Where do you sprinkle your reader’s words for maximum effect?


A zillion and one online messages come our way every day.
Because of that, we’re really good at cutting through the noise until we find something that will be valuable to us.

And because of that, you’ve got to pepper your readers’ words at the beginning of your copy.

This makes it easy for them to say “hey, that’s exactly what I’m dealing with. I gotta check this out!It helps readers to notice you among alllll the other messages out there.

Don’t worry that in doing this, you’ll lose your voice and your unique flava flave.

Sprinkle your client’s words to catch their attention in the first paragraph or two. And then move into your voice and your message in the rest of the copy.

Your audience’s words are just the right bait to get them to read the next line, and the next. Once they’re hooked, you can transition into your words and your message.


Where to find your ideal client’s words


Oh man. So many places!

Phone calls. Client emails. Discovery sessions with prospective clients. Client testimonials. Webinar chatboxes. Amazon reviews. Twitter.

And my personal favorite right now: Facebook groups.

Whenever I see a post talking about copywriting or product launches or content strategy, I screenshot that bad boy and save it in a designated folder.

Then when I start writing a sales page or web copy (social media and blog copy, too!) I have a gold mine of ideal client words to incorporate.

Spend some time where your ideal clients hang out online and simply listen.

Once you start paying attention, you’ll notice their words everywhere. Just make sure to have an Evernote notebook or google doc handy to store them all!

The unexpected + awesome positive side effect


You know what else is cool? By using your audience’s words to help them feel understood, you’re also improving their lives.

For reals!

Studies have shown that on days when people feel more understood during social interactions, they also feel more closely connected with others and more satisfied with their lives in general. (Source)

So not only will mirroring your audience’s words make for more compelling and profitable copywriting, you’ll also give readers a more satisfying day.

Write captivating copy, improve the world. Sweet deal, eh?

Commenting Made Easy

– What do you think of this copywriting trick? Do you dig it, or does it feel too easy?

– Have you used your audience’s words in your copy before? What were your results?

– How much do your audience’s words/needs/wants come through in your copywriting?

– Where does your ideal client hang out online?

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