The (Fab) 5 Biggest Business Lessons from Queer Eye

Have you been watching Queer Eye on Netflix?

I ask for two very important reasons…

One, because it will bring a generous sprinkle of positive energy into your life. ✨

These five men are an incredible example of kindness, compassion, and self-love (not to mention #FIERCENESS) walking itself out in real life. And we could all use some extra inspo to stress less and feel good, yes?

And reason #2, because many of the lessons they teach on the show relate so so strongly to entrepreneurship.

A makeover show isn’t the likeliest place for business advice, I’ll admit. But while binging the latest season over the last few weeks, I couldn’t help noticing a few insanely powerful business lessons.

(Plus, the Fab5 are businesses in their own rights, with millions of followers and oodles and oodles of influence. It’d be naive not to think we can learn a thing or two, right?)

So without further ado, let’s dive into the (Fab) 5 biggest business lessons from Queer Eye that can revolutionize your business:

Know your best “looks”…and wear them well

Does style maven Tan France throw everybody in the same pair of skinny jeans and crop top?

No way! He does what works for each individual person.

He considers their body type, coloring, personality, favorite features, not-so-favorite features…and creates a tight color palette and few simple silhouettes that will be uniquely flattering to THAT specific person.

To be successful in business, you don’t have to do everything flawlessly. You just need to do a tiny handful of things really, really well.

Isn’t that a relief? That you don’t need to do ALL of the things?

When you zoom back the lens and look at your business, what do you do really, really well?

Maybe you’re super charismatic and every time you post a video on YouTube, you get a ton of engagement.

Maybe you’re a seriously funny writer and people always comment on your blogs with the cry-laughing emoji.

Maybe you’re a social media wizard and can bang out a month’s worth of interesting, interwoven posts in one sitting.

Double down on those strengths. Choose the handful of things you do exceptionally well and focus your energy THERE.

Not all of us are meant for crop tops. But ALL of us have signature strengths we can crank up to level 10. Knowing yours and leaning on them is so key to sustained biz success.

As for the stuff you’re not so great at? Nix it from your list, if you can. Or you can bring in someone to help (which we’ll talk more about in a minute.)

Leverage the ripple effect

The Fab 5 help their clients discover the small changes that kick off so many other good things…

Like how going for a morning run makes you feel strong…which gives you the confidence to try that cool patterned shirt…and then you walk out into the world really FEELING YOURSELF…and the energy emanates from there.

We each have “little things” that cause big ripples in our work lives.

And it’s really smart to know what causes positive ripple effects for YOU, as a business owner. They might be things like:

Eating a healthy breakfast to fuel you without slowing you down
Starting the day with client calls to get the energy going
Getting dressed, so you feel like a gosh-darn professional
Reviewing your goals and big WHY in the morning, to excite you for the day
Listening to an inspiring podcast or music to motivate you
Finishing the workday with 5 minutes of reflection of what you did well, to glide into your evenings feeling accomplished
Going for a mid-morning walk to re-energize you

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Inside Todd Herman’s 90-Day Year program, I learned the importance of habits and routine.

Olympic athletes, business leaders, and other successes all have little rituals to snap them into The Zone (because nobody wakes up there.)

Get to know yours and use them strategically — especially on days you’re not really feeling it — to create positive ripple effects throughout your days, weeks, and months.

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Have some freakin’ FUN already!

You can get the same serving of healthy greens from a delicious greenya colada smoothie…or a wilted pile of bitterness. Which would you rather?

(👆That’s smoothie in Tanny’s cup, obvs. 😉)

The further I get into my business journey (I’m just over 5 years in,) the more I understand the critical value of FUN in success.

Now, I’m coming off 30+ years of thinking that success = hard work = 100% seriousness. So this lesson hasn’t come easily!

But it’s incredibly important that people:
– LIKE reading your content
– ENJOY getting on the phone with you
– WANT to be around you

…And your energy has everything to do with that!

Look, life and business can be incredibly serious if we want them to be. Or they can be, as my client Susie says, “one big f*cking adventure.”

The Queer Eye guys do the hard work of remaking lives from the inside out…but they’re smiling and laughing just about every step of the way. They make sure to have fun along the journey.

The reality is, you’ll attract WAY more clients and customers if you opt for the fun “adventure” route. People can sense that shizz!

And all else being equal, because your ideal clients are human…they’d much rather work with the fun guys than the super-serious bitter pile of greens.

Plus, life is short! Business moves fast. So you might as well make it your priority to find ways to inject joy in the journey.

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The right people make or break your situation

Imagine you just woke up and there’s a leak in your bathroom. Water is EVERYWHERE and it’s dripping down into the kitchen below.

You call your two friends. One says, “UGH what bad timing You have that big presentation this morning! Life just sucks, doesn’t it?”

The other friend says, “Well let’s call that plumber, honey, because you do not👏have👏time👏to sit around and mope!”

The heartwarming transformations on the show couldn’t happen without the Fab5. Their know-how and positivity keep the clients going and push them to do hard things.

That’s the value of having the right people around you.

You’ve heard the saying, “You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”, right?

The clients on Queer Eye grow so quickly because they’re surrounded by the positive, encouraging Fab 5, who lift them up to their level.

…”Next level”, if you will.

I’ve seen the most change in my business when I invest in people. Not products, not tech, not even educational programs. PEOPLE. Coaches. Team members. Experts who are smarter than me in particular areas.

And the team members, clients, coaches, consultants, and biz buddies YOU surround yourself with determine who YOU become.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is the fastest way to grow your business. So get intentional about this! Find smart, uplifting people who can elevate you to the next level…and start spending more time with them.

(And hey, if you’re looking to elevate your business by partnering with a smart, uplifting persuasive copywriter, click here to learn what we can do together. 😉 )

Act as if you are enough

If we had to summarize the takeaway from pretty much EVERY episode of Queer Eye, this would be it:

You are enough.

Imposter Syndrome is r-e-a-l REAL. It amazes me how many insanely accomplished people say they’re still waiting for people to find out they’re frauds…

Howard Schultz, founder of a little coffee chain you may have heard of called Starbucks.

Tina Fey, Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning writer and actress.

Maya freakin’ Angelou, who said: “I have written 11 books, but each time I think, ‘uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.’ ” (Can you believe?)

It’s empowering to know that even the most successful people around STILL feel like they’re not enough. So if you feel the same, congrats, you’re normal!


That belief is majorly holding you back, when it comes to your business. (Aaaaand probably every other area of your life, too.)

Believing that you are enough is tricky. My psych education taught me that it sometimes takes years of hard, honest work to truly embrace that reality.

So in the meantime, even if you don’t believe it yet…start showing up like you ARE enough. Write that blog post. Hit “record” on that video. Create that offer.

ACT AS IF, girl.

The simple act of pretending you’re enough can push you to say/share/do the things you need to propel your business forward.

So even if you don’t believe it, take the advice of five ridiculously fabulous men (and one highly-uncool-but-fine-with-it woman 😜) and start showing up as if you ARE enough.

And watch what magic unfolds…

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Which of these 5 lessons is your favorite takeaway?

In which area could you use the most Fab 5 fairy dust to help you?

And which of the Fab 5 is your spirit animal? (You know we all have a favorite!) I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours in the comments…

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