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Welcome to the Blog Planning Made Easy Challenge — 5 days to plan your quarterly blog calendar!

In the challenge, you’ll plan your quarterly blog calendar to connect with your audience, grow your brand, and make money.

To get started with Day 1, watch the video and complete the action items below:

Please note: these videos are all referencing a Q1 calendar.

Yes, I know it’s not Q1 anymore. 🙂 But rest assured, the process for Q3 is exactly the same! Just plug your details into the Q3 section of the calendar.

Today’s action items:

1. Write out your big vision

Make sure your vision hits an emotional chord and is personal to YOU. You want to feel really good when you read it back.

2. Define your marketing goals for the quarter

Brainstorm the goals you want to achieve during the next quarter. A few examples are:
– Marketing goal(s):
– Income goal:
– Traffic goal:
– Audience relationship goal:
– Virality goal:
– List size goal:
– Other goals:

3. Pick ONE goal that is MOST important to you

This goal will guide your blog strategy as we move through the challenge. (Don’t worry, you’ll work on achieving the others too!)

Congrats! You finished Day 1!

AND you’ve done a step that so many business owners skip — defining what you’re working towards.

This will keep your eyes on the prize and guide a smart blog strategy that’s perfectly in line with what you want.

Coming up next…

Tomorrow, we’re going to define the audience member you want to speak to with your blog content.

This is THE secret for writing blog content that really connects.

And I’m giving you a power shot of customer understanding by focusing on the SIX key areas you need to know about your ideal customers.

Keep an eye on your inbox, it’s coming your way tomorrow!

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