How to organize your content with a blogssary [Free template]

There’s one thing that successful blogs do a lot more than typical bloggers.

It’s not just using snappy pop culture phrases.

It’s not just publishing really frequently.

It’s not even getting lots of social shares.

It’s a very simple strategy that everyone, no matter where they are in their blogging careers, can start doing today to improve their blogs.

And not the metaphorical “today.” I mean, today today.

It’s also one of THE most important things you can do to keep readers on your website longer. It takes only moments to do but gets readers to stick around and gets them clicking.


So what is this mystical trick?

It’s called internal linking. Interlinking, for short.

Interlinking is when you link to another blog post or page within your blog post. It happens when you mention a topic you’ve written about before and want to give readers more depth.

Successful blogs interlink to their content. A lot.

Here’s an example from my very-favorite-but-sadly-now-defunct-blog Young House Love.

In 209 words, Young House Love included four internal links to their content. Four! That’s 4.5% of the words in those two paragraphs that link internally.

The logic here is simple. The longer visitors are on your website and the more pages they visit, the more opportunity they have to learn about you and everything you have to offer. Interlinking makes that happen.

If you’re writing about topics your audience is interested in, chances are you’ll have multiple posts in similar areas. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interlink.

Plus, it’s good customer service. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to get what they need. Interlinking does exactly that.


The easiest way to interlink

In writing blog posts for myself and my blogging clients, I realized how time-consuming searching for interlinks was. A few minutes here and a few minutes there really adds up.

So I created a tool to make it suuuuper easy.

And that tool…is a blogssary.

A blogssary is a spreadsheet that organizes your library of blog posts.

It’s technically more index than glossary. But “blogdex” just doesn’t have that same pizzazz. #creativeliberties

A blogssary is a simple tool that has all the deets on your blog posts, so you can quickly add lots of juicy interlinks to connect readers with additional content.


The one killer ingredient your blogssary absolutely, positively MUST have

One of the beauties of my blogssary is that it’s a searchable document. That’s why you want to include a column for keywords, with as many as your pretty little brain can dream up.

By adding in lots of keywords, you ensure that you’ll never miss an opportunity to add a relevant interlink.

Your keywords column may not make sense to an outside observer, and that’s okay! You want to write in keywords that YOU think of when you think of that particular blog post.

For example, I recently shared a video post about Donald Trump that I recorded in a hotel room in Boston. When I’m searching for that video months down the road, I may be thinking “I want to link to that video I recorded in the noisy Boston hotel room.”

Instead of racking my brain to think of the official title or category, I can just search my blogssary for ‘Boston’ or ‘hotel.’ And since I included them in my keywords column, I’ll find the post right away.

The key is to make your blogssary personal to YOU. Don’t judge the keywords that come to mind — just pop ‘em into your blogssary.

You’ll be happy you did when you’re searching for an obscure reference in the future.


How to get started with your blogssary


If you want to get serious about interlinking (and you totally should!) set aside one hour this week to build your blogssary.

Click here to download your free blogssary template »

Use my template as a starting point and customize to include the data that’s meaningful for you.

Start with your newest blog post — since that will be the freshest — and work your way back towards the older ones.

And don’t forget to add lots and lots of keywords!

Each week as you create new blog posts, add them to your blogssary. Over time, you’ll build a healthy, robust blogssary full of click-worthy posts.

…Which will lead to a healthy, robust blog full of click-worthy interlinks.

What else could a humble blogger ask for?

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