How to build a “blog buffer” to protect your biz from unexpected curveballs

One thing that’s become apparent in the last 12 months is that anything can happen.

Whether it’s a rogue outsider winning the election or an unexpected loss of a loved one, life plays by its own rules.

And as much as I love a good plan, there are times when even the most organized among us trips over life’s outstretched leg and falls on her face.

That’s why we invest in being prepared.

We have health insurance in case we get sick.

We have emergency funds in case of a slow month.

We keep a couple frozen pizzas on standby for the long days where we simply can’t be bothered cooking dinner. (I know you feel me on this one.)

But when it comes to blogging? Most of us don’t have a safety net.

If life inconveniently nudges her way into our businesses, our blogs are usually the first thing we jettison.

And just like that…our months of consistent blogging go down the drain.

When it comes to effective blogging, consistency is ev-er-y-thing. It shows you’re a together, professional biz-nass woman, which is exactly the impression we want readers to get.

And in this post, I’ll help you life-proof your blog. You can create a blog buffer full of four high-quality posts to keep in your back pocket for weeks when #lifehappens.

And the best part? Creating your blog buffer will take less than two hours of your time.

Here’s how…


Blog Buffer Post #1: The Curated Post

Time Commitment: 45 minutes


The first post of your blog buffer pulls together great content that’s all centered around one topic.

You could create a curated post all about productivity hacks, easy lunch recipes, parenting tips — any common thread that would be helpful to your readers and relates to your brand.

You have two choices for your curated post:

1. Use your content exclusively. This is an awesome way to repurpose your blog content and get new life out of old posts.

2. Include content from other bloggers in your curated post. If you don’t have enough posts around a central topic, or if you’d simply like to share other’s great work, you can link to other sites in your post.

Start your post with a simple introduction like:

One of my very favorite things to talk about is [[TOPIC]]. But today, I’m flipping the script.

Instead of babbling on and on about [[TOPIC]] — which, believe me, I’d be happy to do! — I’m pulling together some top bloggers who have already written fantastic posts about it.

Why reinvent the wheel when it’s rolling along so beautifully, right?

Keep scrolling to see the best posts on the interwebs about [[TOPIC]]. I know you’re gonna love ‘em.

And if you comment on one of the posts, please tag me in it so I can join the convo!

Then include 5-10 of your favorite links around your central topic.

I recommend sharing a few sentences for each link, giving away some juicy insight and/or the walk-away message from each post. This gives the links context and helps readers know which will be the most valuable for them.

Wrap up the post by asking readers to share their favorite resources for the topic you’re discussing. It not only sparks a conversation, but could also help you discover a new blogger to follow!

Do this later: Once your curated post goes live, make sure to email all the bloggers included in your list! A quick email saying “Hey, I’m a loyal follower and love your work…so much so that I featured you in my latest post! If you could take a look and let me know what you think, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!”

I got to know new biz buddies by being featured in curated posts at,, and Never underestimate what a good curated post can do!


Blog Buffer Post #2: The Crossover Episode

Time Commitment: 15 minutes


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good crossover episode. (When McSteamy showed up at Oceanside Wellness Group? Ugh. I died of happiness.)

You can do the same with your blog by having a biz buddy write you a guest post.

The key is to feature someone who works with a similar type of client but doesn’t do the same work as you.

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, some great people to feature in your Crossover Episode post would be:
– Wedding planners
– Caterers
– Designers
– Event planners
– Calligraphers
– Local boutiques or dressmakers
– Organization specialists
– Florists

Your goal is to bring mega value to your list, even though you’re not the one writing the post.

Since you’ll be saving the post for a rainy day, it’s ideal if this person is a(n understanding) friend. A complete stranger might not dig the idea of pouring their best content into a guest post that won’t be shared until your son comes down with a stomach bug in June.

You can even ask to share a post already published on your biz buddy’s blog. I did this when I featured my friend Carla’s post about how to feel really good about your prices. Just make sure to ask your friend for permission before re-posting!


Blog Buffer Post #3: The Authentic Thank You

Time Commitment: 30 minutes


When’s the last time you thanked your list? I mean really thanked them?

Think about it: each and every week, they allow you space in their inbox — that precious place where axing someone FOREVER is as easy as clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Your list gives you a place to share your voice. And that’s worth thanking them for.

I love a good dose of authenticity in my blog posts, so I recommend hopping on video for this one.

Get dressed. Switch on the webcam. And GO.

Tell your list how much it means to you to have a platform to share your message, and that the space they carve out for you in their inbox isn’t taken for granted.

This doesn’t have to be long. Just speak what’s in your heart.

We’re going for authenticity here so you don’t have to script anything out. Your genuine personality will show through much more if it’s not overly polished.

When you’re finished, upload your video as Unlisted on YouTube. This way, it won’t show up in your channel feed and randos who stumble across your page won’t see it.

Copy the video embed link into your blog post.

And put together a little something to use for the blog body.

You can send your video to a transcriptionist (who usually charge around $1/minute of footage) to get a transcript of your video, and copy/paste into your blog.

Or simply write a quick curiosity-piquing description like “I don’t normally do this, but I need to share this message…” or “Here’s a heartfelt message from me to you…” in your blog body.

Authentic video for-the-(timesaving)-win on this one!


Blog Buffer Post #4: The Feature

Time Commitment: 15 minutes


The last post of your blog buffer is basically the reverse of The Crossover Episode post.

Here, you’ll share a guest post you’ve written.

You ultimately want to send traffic to the guest outlet, so don’t copy and paste the entire guest post!

Write a quick introduction, or copy/paste the introduction paragraph(s) of your guest post ONLY. Then write an enticing sentence or two to give readers a taste of what’s to come. And give them a way to easily click over to read the rest, linking to your guest post.

I created my own Feature Post recently and here’s what it looked like:

One of the best parts of being a creative entrepreneur is the work.
Unlike your friends with a j-o-b, you get to decide which projects you take on, which challenges will stretch you creatively, and which tasks are the best match for your skill set.

One of the worst parts of being a creative entrepreneur? Finding that work.
When you dreamed of starting your own business, you didn’t fantasize about sweaty palms at networking events. Awkward sales conversations. Struggling over how the heck to install a Facebook tracking pixel.
And hey, networking events and social media can be great ways to find new clients. But there’s also a beauty in getting back to basics.

Finding clients doesn’t have to be complicated or anxiety-inducing. It can really be as easy as sending a few simple emails.
Over on my friend Nesha Wollery’s blog, I’m walking you through four easy peasy emails you can send to sign on new clients for 2017.
I’m sharing templates, too, so you can just copy, paste, and update with your information to start building your 2017 client roster TODAY!
Click here to keep reading…

And there you have it!

Four posts you can quickly create to build a super valuable blog buffer.

While it’s impossible to plan for everything life could throw your way, you can certainly get your blog prepped for an unexpected twist or turn.

But investing an hour or two in building your blog buffer now, your blog will be standing strong when a curveball gets lobbed your way.

As someone who’s recently been thrown one heck of a curveball, I can tell you from experience that having a blog buffer is a life-saver!

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