I'll help you

make magic
with words


You’re tired of having your mind go to mush when you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard.)

You’re tired of wasting hours on emails that get only a couple clicks and blog posts that get zero comments.

You’re tired of that totally meh copy that’s been plaguing your website for years.

But mostly? You’re just tired.

Because you’re the CEvO (Chief Everything Officer) of your business and you’ve been balancing it all on your own for years.

If that sounds all too familiar, take a deep breath and brew a cuppa tea, bud. Because this is way easier and more fun than you think.

I’m Whitney Ryan and I’ll help you make magic with words.

With a background in psychology and marketing, I started this business to help solopreneurs build real-ationships with the clients who need (+ love) them.

Because you don’t want short-lived, faddy success that fizzles and dies, right?

You love what you do and you’re in it for the long haul.

You want your business to support your life for, well, life.

Genuine customer relationships are the key to a thriving business that lasts.

I work one-on-one with my clients to captivate their audiences with alluring, sounds-just-like-me copy + content. And I sprinkle in my persuasion psychology tricks to make readers take action.

The result?

Copy + content that capti-suades your ideal customers.

(AKA: magic.)

And the best part is we do it all from the comfort of your laptop screen. Yoga pants totally allowed.

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I studied psychology and marketing at Lehigh University, with a one-year stint at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Back then, I wanted to become a therapist. But like most entrepreneurs I know, life had other plans!
My first post-college job was ghostwriting for a publishing company, writing books “by” other people. Hello, crash course in writing in someone else’s voice!
I love simplicity, minimalism, and what my dad called life’s little pleasures. My ultimate pipedream is to renovate an old farmhouse, grow my own food, hang multiple hammocks, and raise all sorts of animals.
My bf and I were extras in a rock video once. I’m still not sure what I was doing there. (Video proof)
I’m intensely color-resistant. Whites, beiges, grays, and blues are all the color I need.
I’ve been living with an Englishman for the past eight years. No accent yet (not for lack of trying) but it’s done some pretty cool things to my vocabulary. #wellchuffed
I love words (obvs) and my very favorite one is koselig. It’s a Norwegian concept that essentially means “all cozy everything,” and a lifestyle I try to embrace on the daily.
I’m mildly obsessed with Harry Potter. Some would say more than “mildly.”

Official Fancypants Bio

Whitney Ryan is a copywriter + content strategist who’s loved sharing stories since Mrs. Sawin’s first-grade writing class.
Armed with a background in psychology/marketing and over half a decade creating copy for small businesses, she turned down a position at a top online marketing agency to start her own business in 2013.
She uses her business as an excuse for reading too many blogs and spending too much time on Pinterest. She also loves vegetarian cooking, traveling to new places, and long Chicago walks with her 10-lb poodle-mix Brody.

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