4 Elements to Include in Your Facebook Featured Video

Sometimes, the littlest things can trip you up.


Like tidying the house. Finishing that last nagging task on a project. Crafting the perfect done-yet-undone hair waves.


Instead of buckling down and getting to work, we opt for the easy way out to avoid giving it a go. We decide to clean the house over the weekend. Wrap up the project after lunch. Go with a regular old messy bun today and try the waves some other time.


But the funny thing is, if we just got down to work instead of letting those things intimidate us, we’d realize how quick and achievable they actually are. (Except for the perfect wavy hairdo — I’m honestly still letting that one intimidate me.)


Who knows why we put off simple things for another time? It’s some weird part of human nature that thinks we’ll have more time on the elusive “someday” than we do right now…so we don’t take action or make a move.


To prove my point, let’s talk about Facebook’s latest feature. Last month, Facebook began allowing you to showcase a video of your choosing right smack dab on the top of your page. It’s a primo piece of Facebook real estate that gives you oodles of opportunity to connect and engage. (Learn more about the announcement here.)


But despite that humungo potential, I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you haven’t uploaded a video in that spot yet, have you? Even if you haven’t heard about the feature until now…I bet this is one of those things that you could easily put off until “someday”…but you’ll never actually get around to doing.


WELL. Today I want to help you change that by focusing on how stinkin’ easy it is to record a really great welcome video to display in that spot. You just need to focus on four small elements to make a video that will speak to your ideal fans and get them to do exactly what you want them to.


(Apologies in advance for the supremely awkward examples I used in this video. “Inspiration & tips to keep your teeth healthy and clean”?? It’d been a long day…)



I know that putting yourself out there in video is a scary prospect. But I promise you that you are 92035972 times harder on yourself than anyone else in the world will be. People will be excited to see a slice of you out there on Facebook, and it will help build your relationships 92035972 times faster too. 🙂


So…what are you waiting for?? Once you’ve recorded your video, share a link to it in the comments — I can’t wait to see what you create!

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