4 Cool New Facebook Features to Try This Weekend

If there’s one thing Facebook’s known for in the marketing world, it’s change.

Something I know a little bit about with this week’s 10″ haircut (!!)

The social giant is constantly tweaking how it serves its users — which is great for everyday folks like you and me…but not-so-great for marketers like you and me.


The latest changes, though, have the opportunity to be a huge advantage for both users and marketers, because it gives people the power to transform their News Feeds.

I poked around on the mobile app to explore these changes. I’m sharing some screenshots to show you how to use the new features. Spoiler alert: there are cute little crab graphics on every screen that are completely random but will make you smile.

Here’s how to awesome-ify your News Feed with Facebook’s latest changes:


Go into your settings.

Do this by first clicking on the three little lines ‘More’ in the bottom right of your app.

Then scroll down until you see ‘News Feed Preferences’ and click on it.

You’ll be treated to this cheery little Preferences screen when you click (told you there were adorable crab graphics involved!)



Cool Feature #1: Prioritize who to see first

This is the feature marketers are most excited/terrified about because it means their fans will either be seeing a lot more — or a lot less — of them.

The accounts you select from this screen will show up at the top of your News Feed with a little blue star next to them. No more missing posts from your faves!

Scroll through and choose the friends, family, and pages you love the most so you can see more of them in your News Feed.

(Another clever way to pull together your favorite accounts is to create an Interest list — this is one of my favorite-ever FB tips!)




Cool Feature #2: Unfollow people to hide their posts

This is where you take back control from the accounts who fill your News Feed with things you don’t want to see.

Just click on someone to remove their posts from your News Feed. It’s like Facebook magic.

And don’t worry, if you have a change of heart and want to see their posts again, you can always change this setting. Speaking of…



Cool Feature #3: Reconnect with people you unfollowed

Sometimes, you unfollow an account that you completely forget about, but may want to see their posts again.

This will list all the accounts you’ve unfollowed in the past. I’m pretty brutal with my News Feed trimming so I had a few accounts in here that I wanted to see again.

Just click on the accounts you want to see in your News Feed to bring them back into your virtual life.

I’m not showing a screenshot of this one because like I said, I keep my News Feed full of high-quality content so I’ve cut a fair few accounts. And I don’t want to hurt any feelings! 



Cool Feature #4: Discover new Pages

This feature is a way to find new pages that you’re likely to be interested in.

Facebook looks at what you’ve liked, clicked on, and showed interest in and pulls together accounts that you’re likely to love.

It’s kind of like when a friend gifts you a top you would never pick out for yourself but it quickly becomes your new favorite.

Honestly, mine was a mixed bag. There were some fluffy click bait-style accounts, but I also found some great new pages scrolling through.

Equal parts creepy and helpful — but a valuable feature nonetheless!


With all of these new features, people won’t see if you’ve chosen to see them first or unfollow them, so you don’t have to worry about privacy concerns. Feel free to stalk / cut as you choose!


Two last things to keep in mind:

A little effort goes a long way in creating a News Feed full of people, pages, and content you enjoy. Remember that you vote with your clicks and every like, click, and comment tells Facebook what you want to see more of.

If you like my content and don’t want to miss out (and be the first to see my Quick Tip Tuesday feature that’s starting soon!) you do it right from my page! Just hover over the ‘Liked’ button and scroll down and select ‘See First’ to add me to your list. I only share the good stuff and I promise to honor the sacred place in your News Feed. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 8.02.07 AM


What do you think of Facebook’s newest changes?

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