4 clever ways to use your blogssary (like a boss)

Last month, I shared my method for organizing blog posts and making it easy to include lots of juicy interlinks with a tool I call the blogssary.

It’s part blog index, part glossary, all organizational dreaminess.

And today, I’ll share some different ways you can use it.

Just like no two people have the same writing voice, no two people have the same creation process. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

Here are four ways that I use my blogssary each and every week. You can mix and match in a way that fits your unique creation style:

1. While writing blog content

When I’m creating new blog content, I always have my blogssary open in another tab.

Sometimes I’ll write a line and immediately know that I want to interlink to another blog post. So I click over to my blogssary, search for the post using keywords, copy and paste the url, and link it right up.

No use forgetting to do it later when I can do it right then and there!

2. As part of the editing process

I also revisit my blogssary riiiiight before I post a new blog, after I’ve edited and proofed it.

A quick scan through my blogssary ensures I haven’t missed an opportunity to interlink to another helpful article. I almost always find a great post to interlink, so this step is 100% worth it.

This can be a great task to hand off to a VA, too. Send your VA your finished blog post and have them check for spots to interlink before posting.

3. For “Related Posts” sections

I always like to give my readers the opportunity to learn more on a topic at the bottom of each blog post. I have a section sharing additional articles they can read to keep learning.

My blogssary makes it super simple to find the perfect posts to include in this section. I perform a search for keywords to find the most valuable articles for readers wanting to learn more.

4. When sharing value on social media

Being of service in Facebook groups or Twitter is one of the best ways to establish your credibility and grow your audience. A blogssary makes it easy to provide extra value and position yourself as an expert.

Imagine you’ve asked the question “what wine is best to serve with white alfredo pizza?” on Twitter. Someone tweets you back with a simple “Chardonnay.” Another writes “Chardonnay all the way! I actually have a blog post on pizza/wine pairings I think you’ll love.” with a link to their blog post.

Which answer makes more of an impression?

A blogssary makes it easy to grab the urls for your blog posts. When you see a question on social media that one of your blog posts can answer, you can quickly copy and paste the url.

As a busy solopreneur, every second counts, right? So any way to save time and systemize your efforts is worth it.

Having an up-to-date blogssary is like meal prep. It takes time to plan out the recipes, chop up the carrots, cook the rice, make the dressing, and marinate the tempeh. (Or, you know, your non-health-nut food of choice.)

But when you’re starving at 2:30 and you can pull a tasty ready-made meal out of the fridge?


Make some time this month to start building your blogssary. Or outsource it to a VA (or your teenage daughter who’s always begging for extra cash) and have them work through your existing blog posts.

I promise you, just like that marinated tempeh, it will be 100% worth it.

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What’s your creation process look like? Do you create your blog content in one fell swoop? Or do you write in stages?

Which of these methods do you think will be most valuable in promoting your blog?

And most importantly…Do you prep your lunches in advance? What are your favorite make-ahead recipes?

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