3 Social Media Tools to Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier


I strongly believe in a healthy work/life balance (thanks largely to my life coach/mom) and actively designing your life to be fulfilling for you. So taking a few days every now and then to completely step away from work and focus on the important stuff is something I really care about.


Many people think stepping away = going radio silent on social media…but it just ain’t so!


You can take a little time — I’m talking an hour, tops — to ensure your social media keeps rockin’ and rollin’ for weeks or months at a time. Scheduling tools allow you to write now, post later, so you can still keep up appearances on social without sacrificing your personal time.


The great thing is that these tools are available to you, 24/7, so you don’t have to only use them during vacations. 


Wanna know a secret? Almost 100% of my posts are scheduled ahead of time. I plan them out using a content calendar and get a few weeks scheduled in one sitting. And you can too!


Hootsuite – Hootsuite is one of my favorite scheduling tools and if you’re managing a bunch of accounts at once, Hootsuite may be your best bet. You can connect many different networks (including LinkedIn and Google+) to Hootsuite and it has a free plan that can get you started to see how you like it. It’s not the best for scheduling tweets with images, for which I use…


Buffer – this is my go-to choice for Twitter. Buffer actually has you create a posting schedule before you decide what you’re going to post. It saves you a step when you’re crafting your updates because all you have to do is hit the big magic “Buffer” button instead of selecting a date and time – it just adds it to your queue and sends it out when your next posting time rolls around.


Facebook: I use Facebook itself to schedule Facebook page posts. Getting your post seen by your fans is the topic on everyone’s lips these days, and as Facebook reach declines, you need to use every trick you can to get your content seen! In my experience, posting directly to Facebook tends to provide the largest reach for my posts, so I’m going to keep it in the family on this one and use Facebook’s scheduling tool. (Click here for a quick how-to.


Boomerang: Okay, so this one doesn’t really fall under the umbrella of “social media,” but it’s so important to stay on top of your emails while you step away too. Boomerang is a tool that works with gmail to schedule your emails when you want them to send. So if you have a client you know you want to follow up with in two weeks, you can write a quick ‘checking in’ email and schedule that baby to send in two weeks. You can also ‘boomerang’ important emails to reappear in your inbox on a certain day. Give it a shot, the free plan lets you schedule 10 emails a month.


Scheduling posts saves time — time you can (and should!) be spending in whatever way makes you happiest. Did you know the average person spends over three hours each day on social media (Source)? Imagine what you could do with even a piece of that time if you scheduled your posts every week!


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