25 Audience-Approved Ideas for Holiday Social Media Posts

For me — someone whose favorite word “koselig” loosely translates to all cozy everythingI like to stretch the holidays as loooong as humanly possible.

I start sipping peppermint mochas in November.

I’m totally cool with the fact that stores display their red + gold decorations starting on Halloween.

And I watch The Holiday year-round. Because, come on. It’s pure cozy magic in DVD form.

My boyfriend Joe, on the other hand? Can’t stand it.

His brow literally furrows in frustration when he hears a holiday song before mid-December. (Same goes for pumpkins in August.)

He claims he doesn’t hate the holidays. He just wants to keep them compartmentalized to their traditional two-week span from December 15th to the 31st.

I claim he’s a Grinch. 🙂

Whether you’re more like me or Joe, there’s no denying the holidays are upon us, my friend!

And that’s important as a business owner because the general public loves the holidays.

Loves, loves, LOVES ‘em.

When you’re in the business of building genuine relationships with your audience (which you ARE, aren’t ya?) you want to take advantage of every opportunity to authentically connect.

So whether or not you enjoy the holidays on a personal level, your audience does. And you’re missing out on a major connection opportunity if you don’t get involved.

As you plan out your holiday social media posts, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Get snug and cozy

Stage a warm + fuzzy photo that viewers just want to snuggle into and you’ll see high engagement.

Think steaming bowl of tomato soup, roaring fireplace, or a cozy chair with a blanket and a book on the arm.

Ask questions

People love to talk about their holiday traditions, favorite movies, and more.

So take advantage of that and ask probing holiday questions on social media to get to know your audience.

Make it personal

One of the great parts about the holidays is that everyone has their own unique experience.

Share a glimpse or two into YOUR personal experience — whether it’s a favorite holiday recipe, picks for best-designed wrapping paper, a #tbt family Christmas photo, or a self-care routine that keeps you sane during the holidays — to show personality and humanize your brand.

Take it outside

Timely weather photos perform really well on social. Everyone likes to see the first big snowfall of the season, or feels a pang of jealousy catching that sunny California photo in late December.

Make sure to add one or two scenic weather photos into your social rotation on the fly.

Keep it on-brand

Use a free program like Canva or PicMonkey to design a graphic wishing your audience a happy holiday.

But keep your brand’s colors, fonts, and feel at the forefront when designing. If someone shares your graphic, you want to make sure your brand tags along for the ride.

For even more ideas for holiday social media posts, (25, in fact!) I created a completely free holiday social media cheat sheet.

Click below to download 25 post ideas to develop your brand and keep your audience engaged, all centered around the holiday season.

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Are you like me, where too much holiday coziness is never enough?

Or would you rather confine your holidays to a four-day window?

Do you do anything special on social media to connect with your audience?

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